Dinner Review: Motherfucking Taco Night

This is not a taco salad, it is 5 individual tacos covered in deliciousness.

This picture is from day two of two of the taco night experience.  Basically just cook up a pound and a half of ground beef, add the seasoning.  Yeah you will need to buy one of those taco kits, HARD SHELL TACOS, ALWAYS, and it usually comes with three elements.  You only need two of the three.

You need the shells, and to be honest with you, they have upgraded taco shell technology over the years, they now make taco shells that are flat on the bottom, and stand up on their own.  You may think old school tacos are just fine the way they are (which is fine, they are still alright) but I’m telling ya, self standing tacos are the fucking shit.

Also in the taco kit you get the seasoning and the mild taco sauce.  Throw the taco sauce they give you right in the garbage.  That shit is awful.  You need to throw that shit away and immediately buy a small bottle of Ortega Hot Taco Sauce, this is the best taco sauce available to average consumers.

So you fill 5 taco shells up with half the meat, put on some diced tomatoes, some shredded lettuce, and half a bag of mexican shredded cheese over the 5 tacos.  Then dump half the bottle of Ortega sauce as even as you can on the tacos.  The key here is not to give a shit, just do a sloppy job putting on the ingredients, 20% of the stuff will fall of the tacos while your eating them anyway.

And when it does fall off the tacos, scoop the deliciously fallen ingredients with your fingers into your mouth.  If you let a fork or a spoon anywhere near your plate, YOU HAVE FAILED TACO NIGHT.

Put the rest of the meat in a container in your fridge and make 5 more tacos the second night.

This would have been a perfect score, but this particular time I got lazy and used a can of diced tomatoes instead of just cutting a fresh tomato.  It was a shitty move, Won’t do it again.

9.5 out of 10

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