Album Review: Tenacious D – Rize of the Fenix

The first album was pretty much perfect (Keith agrees).  Pick of Destiny wasn’t bad, in my opinion.  I even think the movie has its charms.  But it’s been a while since the mighty D have put out new material.  Can they recapture any of the magic they used to have?

1.  Rize of the Fenix – Not really funny at all, but kinda epic and great musically.

2.  Low Hangin Fruit – Eh, I’m not that impressed with these first two tracks comically.  And this one is just *alright* musically.

3.  Classical Teacher – Yeesh, not a great skit.  Kinda funny at the end maybe.  It’s Jack Black just doing his Nacho Libre.  Less funny version of “Friendship Test”.

4.  Senorita – Now THAT’s what I’m talking about.  This sounds like the D that I like and remember.

5.  Deth Starr – I like it, it’s stupid, but it’s funny.  I like it when they talk about future stuff, but they have no real concept of the future.  Like what they touched upon way back when in “City Hall”.

6.  Roadie – Good, not great.  It sounds awesome, but probably not as funny as I would have hoped.  It’s funnier with the Danny McBride video accompaniment (look it up yourself at Funny or Die, I’M LAZY)

7.  Flutes and Trombones – It’s not nearly as funny as any of the skits on the first album, but it has the same kind of spirit.  It made me chuckle twice, so that’s pretty good for this album so far.  This felt like it was trying way too hard to recapture “Inward Singing”.  But this new one doesn’t really go anywhere.

8.  The Ballad of Hollywood Jack and The Rage Kage – I really wanted to like this song more.  But it doesn’t really have a good punchline.  And it never really changed or picked up the tempo drastically.  So it felt kinda long for what it was.  Maybe I’ll have to listen to it again…

9.  Throwdown – I like this song a lot, it’s not really trying to funny, it just kinda rocks.

10.  Rock is Dead – Fun song. Nothing special really, but fun.

11.  They Fucked Our Asses – This minute long song may be the best on the album.

12.  To Be the Best – And this minute long song may be the second best on the album.

13.  39 – Hahaha… ok… THIS is the best song on the album.  BY FAR.  This is fucking great.  Why couldn’t the whole album have been like this?!?!

Final Thoughts:  Kind of a disappointment to me.  There’s a few gems in there, and most of the other songs are good but not great.  And a few fall pretty flat.  I’m sure the album will grow on me a little bit if I play it in my car for a few days, but I don’t expect to ever really love it.  The last 3 tracks are genuinely great, though.  I guess I wasn’t really expecting this to be as good as the first album, but I was hoping it would at least be better than Pick of Destiny.  I’m not so sure that it is.  It’s certainly not as exciting or comical as either of the previous albums.

6 out of 10

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