This was taken from World Series Baseball for the Sega Genesis, where it seems everyone just wore Negro League Uniforms..

Yea! Woo! Baseball! ‘MERICA!

Whoaaaa sorry about that but it’s just exciting, Baseball season is back! Now we all know how last year ended, with those smug wine and cheese eating pricks from San Francisco hoisting the trophy… But now it’s a new year and it’s historically unlikely they’ll repeat! Yep from the get go things are already looking up! In this wonderful league wide preview, I’m going to make my picks for Division winners, Playoff Rounds, and finally World Series Champions! I absolutely cannot wait to look back on this in October and see how badly I screwed the pooch! Continue reading

Songs and bands I am ashamed to like


People have told me that I have an eclectic taste in music.  I have music on my computer that ranges from classical, to country, to punk.  That being said, I listen to some pretty god awful music from time to time.  I have music that I listen to in secret.  Late at night, when no one is around to see, I put on my headphones and rock out to some of the trashiest and potentially gayest music known.  Some of the songs are so embarrassing, that while I am listening to them, I actually turn off my audio scrobbler so as to keep in the dark how terribly addicted I am to this filth.  Here are just some of the atrocities that I subject my ears to on a semi regular basis.

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Movie Review: Sucker Punch

I’ve never intentionally walked out of a movie at the theater.  And I didn’t here for Sucker Punch, either.  But there was a moment after an hour of constant annoyance and tedious action scenes, right after the girls had just collected their second of four items to set them free, where one of the characters says “Yes!  Halfway there!”.  That’s when I started seriously contemplating in my head whether or not I should just leave.  I wasn’t enjoying myself.  I thought after a few minutes that I’ve already spent enough time here, that maybe I should just see it through to the end.  Maybe the ending will be redeeming or something?

I probably should have just left the theater in retrospect.

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Why I am becoming a hippie: Pt 2 Oil

I really really hate our addiction to oil.  Notice I say that I hate our addiction and not oil itself.  I hate to admit it but I have to agree, oil is useful and awesome in certain ways.  It can be manipulated to make tons of products and has revolutionized the world.  So what’s to hate?  I hate our addiction because it puts countries run by crazy people in a position of power.  We need them and there is no way around it.  In the 70s they brought us to our knees with an oil embargo.  Another reason I hate our addiction is that it puts companies like BP into positions of power.  If you think that oil companies don’t have HUGE influence on everything our government does then you have your head up your ass Continue reading

Why I am becoming a dirty hippie: Pt 1 Food

I guess I wouldn’t actually consider myself a hippie.  I actually hate hippies.  Bunch of complaining do-nothings if you ask me.  As I get older, though, I find myself becoming more and more interested in things like sustainable building, farming and living.  For most, they do this because they want to better the world and conserve resources.  NOT ME THOUGH.  Why I do it is for way more selfish reasons and I think people should join me in my views.  I want to live sustainably not because I want to save the world, I want to live sustainably because I am cheap and I want to stick it to the man!

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Artsy indie games are missing the point of gaming

I have been playing video games for nearly my whole life.  I started playing video games when I was three.  There was not one time, NOT ONE, where I was concerned with whether people consider video games art or not.  You know what I was more concerned with?  WHETHER THE GAME WAS FUN OR NOT!  Honestly, I don’t get why people have to bitch and moan about how people like Roger Ebert said that video games will never be considered art (although I think he retracted this statement recently).  Why should we care?  Continue reading

So you call yourself a Japanophile? Two movies that every Japanophile should watch.

When I was in high school, I fell in love with anime.  I would watch Dragonball Z every day.  I would spend my hard earned dollars on expensive dvds (at that time anime was hard to come by and expensive).  Later, when I had high speed internet and learned of torrents, I downloaded hours upon hours of anime.  I LOVED anime.  In fact, half the reason why I first went to Japan was because of my love of anime.  I wanted to see the packed trains, school girls, maids and crowds first hand.  All of my knowledge of Japan came from anime.  This is how most people in America who love Japanese culture, get their information about Japan

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