Movie Review: The Lincoln Lawyer

Ya know what I like about 1988 Lincoln Continentals…?  I get older and get more mature acting roles, and they stay the same level of classic durability for my character to perform business out of the back seat…  allllllright…”

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So you call yourself a Japanophile? Two movies that every Japanophile should watch.

When I was in high school, I fell in love with anime.  I would watch Dragonball Z every day.  I would spend my hard earned dollars on expensive dvds (at that time anime was hard to come by and expensive).  Later, when I had high speed internet and learned of torrents, I downloaded hours upon hours of anime.  I LOVED anime.  In fact, half the reason why I first went to Japan was because of my love of anime.  I wanted to see the packed trains, school girls, maids and crowds first hand.  All of my knowledge of Japan came from anime.  This is how most people in America who love Japanese culture, get their information about Japan

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As an avid Starcraft 2 fan, this weekend was my personal SC2 heaven.  With both the Gom Star League finals and Teamliquid Star League opening rounds there was plenty of SC2 action to quench my e-sport fancy.  Since most people don’t know how Starcraft works, I’ll avoid the play-by-play and just tell you who these gladiators of mouse and keyboard are and why it makes for great viewing. Continue reading

America’s New Pastime: Looking for Jobs

Usually when people get home from work they want to relax.  Maybe they watch TV, maybe they play some video games.  Basically what people want to do when they get home is relax.  Well for me, when I get home I get the pleasure of looking for jobs.  Currently I work two part-time jobs that only sustain me because I live at home and borrow my grandparent’s extra car.  This is largely thanks to having a pantload worth of student loans.  I am one of the lucky ones though as millions of American’s rely on unemployment to get by.

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