As an avid Starcraft 2 fan, this weekend was my personal SC2 heaven.  With both the Gom Star League finals and Teamliquid Star League opening rounds there was plenty of SC2 action to quench my e-sport fancy.  Since most people don’t know how Starcraft works, I’ll avoid the play-by-play and just tell you who these gladiators of mouse and keyboard are and why it makes for great viewing.

GomTV Star League

The finals were Friday night, between this man oGsMC and his counterpart StarTaleJuly.

Not you’re average athlete, but don’t be fooled; the feats performed by these nerds are incredible to behold.  With their hands blazing at incredible speeds often completing 250+ actions per minute, they control their units and armies with the skill of a 5-star general.

oGsMC the one time GSL champion; his play is aggressive and refined, though his  SC1 career showed him to be  mediocre at best.  His confidence is overwhelming, always letting his interviewers know he’s the best in the world.  His nickname in SC1 was the suicide toss, since he’d always taunt his opponents before immediately getting crushed.  Well, how things have changed.  Known as the BossToss now oGsMC holds the best winrate of all professional SC2 players.

StarTaleJuly on the other hand is a SC1 legend.  Known as the God of War, July is one of only four golden mouse winners in 10 years of SC1 professional gaming.  A more humble personality, July is known for his strong unit control and his ability to pressure his opponents.   His SC2 career has been a letdown thus far, but this is —  was — his chance to be a champion.

The match ended brutally, one of the most dominating victories I’ve seen.  Making a top tier finalist caliber player look like a complete scrub.  In a 4-1 victory oGsMC cemented his place as the best SC2 player to date.  Exploiting every weakness in the Protoss vs. Zerg matchup, he showed his profound understanding of the match-up, looking in control the entire game.  His pregame prediction of a 4:1 win came to fruition.

MC’s total prize money for his brief 6 months of an SC2 pro-gaming career, a whopping $140,000.  And with more and more tournaments to come you can be sure he’ll be able to afford the house he’s said to be saving for within the year.

TeamLiquid Star League

The biggest foreigner (foreigner is an ironic term in Starcraft, referring to non-Korean players) tournament of the year.  Players will be competing for a $34,500 prize pool.  The TSL is full of legends and personalities.  My personal favorite player, Tyler ‘NonY’ Wasieleski, is prominiently featured, being the reigning TSL champion.  The opening rounds have just begun, so if you’re new to Starcraft, I’d say check them out as they’re generally exciting well played games.

Games will be broadcast live this today(sunday) at 1p.m. and next week saturday and sunday at 1p.m.  HERE

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