Movie Review: The Lincoln Lawyer

Ya know what I like about 1988 Lincoln Continentals…?  I get older and get more mature acting roles, and they stay the same level of classic durability for my character to perform business out of the back seat…  allllllright…”

Let me just say, this movie has a title that is something of false advertisement.  The premise of the film is that a shirt-wearing Matthew McConaughey is a defense attorney who conducts business out of the backseat of his Lincoln town car.  I’m gonna say that out of the 2 hour running time, the Lincoln town car has probably 15 minutes of screen time.  And it affects the story in basically no way.

In fact he doesn’t even do business out of his car.  Maybe he had a phone call or two while driving somewhere, but I didn’t see any scene with him actually doing, like, paperwork or something in his car.  They show him doing plenty of work in his house, at other people’s houses, at the park, and a couple other places, but never in his car.  So the premise of this movie is bullshit.  He could have been driving around on a crotch rocket, it wouldn’t have made a difference in the story.  In fact, they probably didn’t need him driving anywhere, it was a courtroom drama.

But when I read a premise like “lawyer does business out of backseat of his car”, I expect more out of the car.  I expect him to live in the car.  I expect him to have a complex computer set up and filing system in the car.  I expect him to park the car IN the courtroom during his cases.  I expect the car to have a personality and possibly even talk like KITT from Knight Rider.

But the car was pointless.  This movie should have just been called The Lawyer.  Just go for something generic, it worked for The Fighter and The Wrestler.

Oh yeah, the movie itself;  it’s entertaining.  Nothing groundbreaking.  If you watch Law & Order on a regular basis I’m sure you’ll love The Lincoln Lawyer.  Really good cast, they do a good job, I didn’t even know the likes of Marisa Tomei and William H. Macy were in this movie before I was sitting in the theater.  It’s a satisfactory courtroom thriller.  You want to see what happens, but it has no real replay value.  And the ending gets wrapped up kind of sloppily.  Check it out when it inevitably airs on TNT in a few years, they know drama.

6.5 out of 10

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