Why I am becoming a hippie: Pt 2 Oil

I really really hate our addiction to oil.  Notice I say that I hate our addiction and not oil itself.  I hate to admit it but I have to agree, oil is useful and awesome in certain ways.  It can be manipulated to make tons of products and has revolutionized the world.  So what’s to hate?  I hate our addiction because it puts countries run by crazy people in a position of power.  We need them and there is no way around it.  In the 70s they brought us to our knees with an oil embargo.  Another reason I hate our addiction is that it puts companies like BP into positions of power.  If you think that oil companies don’t have HUGE influence on everything our government does then you have your head up your ass

OPEC countries and big oil corporations are like drug pushers and we are the addicts.  I hate that feeling.  I hate that my life can’t really exist without these fuckers.  Why would we as a country, not want to be self-sustaining and at least eventually one day cut ties with OPEC nations?  It just doesn’t make sense to me.  Not only that but why wouldn’t we as individual people, not want to be more self sufficient and cut as many ties as possible with big corporations like BP? Just think about how many lives lost and how much money we have wasted on wars over oil.  It doesn’t have to be this way.  Long ago, America was the biggest producer of oil.  Our oil peaked long ago and have since moved to reliance on foreign oil.  We should have started making plans then to find something new.

I know that, aside from living in the middle of nowhere, it is impossible to not rely at least a little on big corporations.  I am ok with that.  But when big corporations try to keep me from living my life the way I want to by say, suing states for trying to implement new laws bringing forth electric cars (happened in California.  Look it up), then I have a problem.  I don’t want to feel like I can’t go out as much on weekends because gas prices have gone up to over 4 dollars a gallon.  As humans, we should be striving to find energy sources that are clean, and sustainable.  Gasoline is an archaic fuel.  It had its time and now it needs to walk off into the sun set.  Problem is, oil companies do not want that and they will do what it takes to keep it from happening.  They want gasoline to go away under their terms.  I supposed its because of the enormous amount of money that can be made with oil, but why don’t these oil companies try to corner the next generation market of sustainable fuel?  You might point out that they are trying to make hydrogen fuel for cars.  Hydrogen is bullshit and it will never be a viable fuel source.  Hydrogen is nearly impossible to contain for long periods of time.  It evaporates and must be kept under high pressures which could lead to explosions.  Hydrogen also requires 3 to 5 times more energy to produce than it actually gives.  It would take years and years to make an infrastructure that could dispense hydrogen to the masses.  It’s not as if you could just put hydrogen into preexisting gas stations.  Hydrogen is just a concept to make it look like oil companies give a shit when they really don’t.

What really seems like a decent transitional fuel source for every day driving, is electric cars.  They are clean, quiet and significantly cheaper to drive.  It costs pennies to charge your car.  Power is everywhere so building charging stations would be simple.  Why don’t oil companies get into this?  They could put up charging stations rapidly all over America.  Maybe, they could have a payment system where you could do one time payments to use their speedy chargers, or perhaps a membership plan where you can pay a monthly fee for access to their power stations.  They could do joint partnerships with companies to get their charging stations put into various parking lots.  There is tons of money to be had in this, and it would take considerably less money to develop it.  Meanwhile, the gas stations can still remain for people who need gas for long journeys that electric cars can’t make yet.  Think of all the jobs it would provide to put in charging stations and to maintain them.  Oil companies can move into battery development.  They could develop batteries that charge faster and last longer.  Then, they could start up battery exchange programs with customers to recycle them and make new batteries.  They could have incentives for customers to do this and build up better customer relationships.  Oil for the time being, still will play a huge part in our lives, but oil companies could be on the forefront of changing that.  Oil companies could re-imagine themselves and make themselves the good guys instead of the bad.  They don’t do this though.  They would rather pollute the Earth and lie to us while they do it.  Rather than help our country, they would rather suck us dry.

This is why  I am becoming a hippie.  I don’t want to give those dirty leeches more money than I have to.  Any chance I can get, I will cut ties from those money grubbing bastards.  Not only will I be sticking it to the man (at least some of them…), but I will save money in doing so.

2 thoughts on “Why I am becoming a hippie: Pt 2 Oil

  1. BobChuck says:

    the addiction needs to be broken. Electric cars are good. They don’t remove stop us from using oil directly or reduce pollution directly, but they do eliminate the dependence on oil. With Electric cars we can use whatever fuel sorce we’d like. Whether it’s Oil, Gas, Nuclear, Solar, etc. at the plant and then wire it to the cars.

    Dependence on foreign countries… why not use what we have? Brazil runs on ethanol and is self sufficient because of it. They have so much sugar cane that they ran with it. Sure it’s worse for cars, but they have tons of it and it’s cheap locally and removes the hold of other countries on them. We have more Natural Gas than anyone. In fact many plants and almost all rigs burn off all the natural gas because it isn’t economic to contain ship and process it. With all that gas, why not make cars run on it? They can and many places do, I assume it’s once again the terror thing of having a pressurized tank in the car. However lift trucks and other countries do it in their cars regularly with propane already…

    • dinosaurboner says:

      Yea, I think the problem with Brazil’s ethanol cars is that sugar cane is a better source of ethanol that corn here in America. It produces more per bushel or whatever and we can’t grow it here because its only good in a warmer tropical climate.

      I had no idea that the rigs burn off the gas. I assume that it is a problem with high pressure tanks driving 80 miles an hour that bugs people from using it. That’s part of the problem with hydrogen. Also, I wonder how much mileage you can get out of a gallon of propane or natural gas. Gas would still be a fossil fuel though, making it limited in the future. We might have the most now, but back in the early 20th century we also had the most oil. Things change, but maybe for now a natural gas would also make a good transitional fuel just I see electric being.

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