This was taken from World Series Baseball for the Sega Genesis, where it seems everyone just wore Negro League Uniforms..

Yea! Woo! Baseball! ‘MERICA!

Whoaaaa sorry about that but it’s just exciting, Baseball season is back! Now we all know how last year ended, with those smug wine and cheese eating pricks from San Francisco hoisting the trophy… But now it’s a new year and it’s historically unlikely they’ll repeat! Yep from the get go things are already looking up! In this wonderful league wide preview, I’m going to make my picks for Division winners, Playoff Rounds, and finally World Series Champions! I absolutely cannot wait to look back on this in October and see how badly I screwed the pooch! Continue reading

Songs and bands I am ashamed to like


People have told me that I have an eclectic taste in music.  I have music on my computer that ranges from classical, to country, to punk.  That being said, I listen to some pretty god awful music from time to time.  I have music that I listen to in secret.  Late at night, when no one is around to see, I put on my headphones and rock out to some of the trashiest and potentially gayest music known.  Some of the songs are so embarrassing, that while I am listening to them, I actually turn off my audio scrobbler so as to keep in the dark how terribly addicted I am to this filth.  Here are just some of the atrocities that I subject my ears to on a semi regular basis.

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