Fuck You Washroom Attendant

I was in a bar getting hammered the other night, it wasn’t a nice bar by any stretch of the imagination. And just like all of us, as you drink you gotta pee, so I made my way to the bathroom and was met with something very similar to that picture up there.

I took care of my business and went to go wash my hands, he gave me a towel and soap to use. So now I’m supposed to give you a dollar? Screw you! All you did was give me a towel and soap, two things I have done thousands of times myself that doesn’t deserve anything but a “thank you.”

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Sheen bombed. No you don’t deserve your money back

For the past month or so, we have gotten the opportunity to see a person basically destroy himself on national television.  Of course I am referring to Charlie Sheen, the most famous burnout in America.  Charlie Sheen is an entertainer, or at least he was.  He was considered a half way decent actor and he’s been in some pretty decent films.  However now, thanks to drugs and insanity he has become a living joke.  I love living jokes as much as the next guy but I am in no way going to glorify them or, even worse, give them my money.

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Master’s degrees are bullshit.

Once again I would like to give a good rant about my ever elongating stint as a professional job searcher.  This time my target is master’s degrees.  There have been multiple jobs that I have not met the qualifications for just because I didn’t have a master’s degree in what sounded like a made up field.  I wouldn’t have applied to the jobs if I didn’t think I was at least kind of qualified.  Apparently though, you need to spend thousands more dollars on education to be qualified for most jobs now a days.  Now, I do not think all master’s degrees are bullshit.  Just most of them.  For instance, a master’s in education I could see as being beneficial, but did you know there was such a degree as a master’s in student development?  Basically, a master’s degree in student development is a nice way of saying “a professional RA”.  Anyone who’s had to deal with an RA knows that it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to do that job.

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