Sheen bombed. No you don’t deserve your money back

For the past month or so, we have gotten the opportunity to see a person basically destroy himself on national television.  Of course I am referring to Charlie Sheen, the most famous burnout in America.  Charlie Sheen is an entertainer, or at least he was.  He was considered a half way decent actor and he’s been in some pretty decent films.  However now, thanks to drugs and insanity he has become a living joke.  I love living jokes as much as the next guy but I am in no way going to glorify them or, even worse, give them my money.

So when I heard that over the weekend, Charlie Sheen’s opening night of his 20 theater tour went terribly, I thought to myself, “good”.  The guy is crazy.  He might as well be living on the street.  In fact, if you go into any metropolitan area and look a bit, with little effort I am sure you can find some crazy crack head that will spout off the same crazy nonsense that Sheen has been saying .  Let’s not lie to ourselves here.  We like watching Sheen make an ass of himself because he is rich and famous.  We are all jealous that he is rich and famous and we like watching him fall from grace.  But do we like it enough to spend 75 bucks on a ticket to watch him do it?

Apparently people actually do want to do that.  Those people are called morons.  Anyone that wasn’t immediately sick of seeing Charlie Sheen on the news when real news was happening (during this past month things like, Libya, Egypt and Japan’s tsunami have all been happening), has to be borderline retarded.  When I went to see my niece’s basketball game, one of the father’s was yelling to her daughter, “COME ON SALLY YOU GOT TIGER BLOOD!  WINNING!”  This level of humor is something I’d expect from a frat boy drunkenly yelling at his bros as they play bags, not from a 30 something year old man at his 8 year old daughter’s basketball game.  And this my friends, is the kind of person that paid 75 dollars to go see Charlie Sheen speak mind-numbing nonsense for 70 minutes.  Anyone with half a brain should have known that this was going to happen.  People actually FLEW to Detroit to see this half baked idiot talk about how great he is.  Idiots that are jealous of Charlie Sheen’s wealth and fame, continue to keep him wealthy and famous.  Good job morons.  In fact, when one of those idiots so boldly booed Sheen, Sheen’s response was, “I already got your money dude”.  So this is why, I couldn’t give two shits that Charlie Sheen fell flat.  The real reason why these people are angry is because they now have to face how incredibly dumb they really are.  Charlie Sheen has gotten the last laugh over these people.  Winning.

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