Movie Review: Hanna

The best coming-of-age government espionage chase film of the year!

I ended up liking this movie more than I thought I would.  The plot works as something of a mystery, with bits and pieces getting put together as the film goes on, not knowing the whole truth until near the end (that’s usually how it works, duh!).  But I found the ride the film takes you on to unlock the pieces to be incredibly entertaining. Very good action fare without the use of explosions (see, it is possible to do that, Mr. Bay).  And you also get the story of the isolated kid discovering the outside world for the first time.

I was most shocked at how stylized the whole film was.  This could have been given a mediocre treatment and ended up like a poor-man’s Jason Bourne type movie, but Hanna went out of its way to shake things up in both the editing and sound design.  And I thought it worked great.  There’s some really cool set pieces at the end of the film too.

Awesome score by The Chemical Brothers.  It wasn’t overused, and seemed to only show up when it was most needed, and did nothing but benefit the film.  With a recent surge in modern electronic soundtracks lately, I thought The Chemical Brothers’ contribution was not quite as good, but almost as good as the Daft Punk and Trent Reznor scores for Tron Legacy and Social Network, respectively.  As in, they just fit absolutely perfect with the film.

Hanna was also extremely violent, further proving the MPAA officially doesn’t care how much brutal violence is in a film, as long as there is no swearing or nudity.  That’s why Hanna is PG-13.

I’d definitely recommend checking out Hanna at some point.  It’s nothing mind-blowing and the plot might be considered ultimately empty, but at least it offers a few things you probably haven’t seen before.  And Eric Bana is back to being cool for a change. Good for him…

8 out of 10




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