Movie Review: Scream 4

Sucker Punch recently proved that casting an army of hot chicks can’t save a terrible movie.  Did Scream 4′s sultry casting call fare any better?

Yeah, I guess so.

But it was probably more successful than Sucker Punch because it at least had a slightly witty script that resembled a time when movies didn’t just have to be a clusterfuck of crazy shit happening on every inch of the screen at all times.  Now, did I think that Scream 4 had a good script?  No, definitely not. If I may paraphrase R.P. McMurphy, “But it tried, didn’t it?  God damn it, at least it did that…”

There was once a time when Scream 2 was coming out, and people actually got excited for it.  This was probably because the first Scream was a huge hit, and basically revamped and re-energized the entire horror genre; spawning the modern, more dialogue heavy slasher film.  Why wasn’t there as much buzz for Scream 4 then?  Oh yeah, because Scream 3 happened. Then several years of people not really asking for another Scream movie happened.  Let me just say that Scream 4 is a vast improvement over Scream 3, maybe even better than Scream 2.  But now that there are three sequels, and they all just basically seem like essentially unnecessary clones of the first one with updated dialogue, hopefully this franchise is finally dead.

I didn’t hate this latest edition though.  But it just kind of seemed redundant in the scheme of things.  A bunch of movie obsessed teenagers (who by the way, are considered the popular kids [why wasn’t it that way when I was in high school…]), go into meta conversations about the rules and elements to making a successful horror remake, while at the same time obviously living out the “remake” in their reality.  The fake reality of the Scream universe becomes influenced by the fake reality of the Stab movie franchise, which is based on the legacy of the characters in the Scream movies that you’re watching, so it’s all fake stuff layered into other fake stuff.  And in that respect, I actually find the Scream movies to be interesting.  Deep down, they are kind of nerdy horror movies for movie nerds.  Which is why I like (at least the first) Scream movies more than most, if not all, modern slasher films.  But I would probably rather opt for a 1980s Friday the 13th sequel any day of the week.

All in all Scream 4 seems like less like a fluid continuation of the series, as it does just seem like a fleeting grasp to stay alive a little longer.  Some old characters return, but they are more or less just attacked by randomly new characters.  It’s the best pure slasher film I’ve seen in several years I think, but that’s not saying much, really.

Neve Campbell and Courteney Cox, however…   …still lookin’ good…!  As are the countless other beautiful young Hollywood actresses who, I shouldn’t need to say spoiler alert, basically all die at some point during the film.

6 out of 10

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