Movie Review:: POM Wonderful presents: The Greatest Movie Ever Sold

Saw Morgan Spurlock’s new documentary over the weekend.  Interesting/funny concept, not so sure about the execution.

The basic premise of the movie is that Spurlock is going to make a movie about product placement in films and television; and to prove some sort of point, the entire documentary is blatantly and completely funded by a plethora of sponsors.  It almost works as an informational piece on how product placement ends up in films in both subtle and obvious ways.  It also almost works as a meta concept film, where the whole point of the movie is just to get the movie made. But in actually there is no movie to make.  Because…  the making of the movie itself…  is the movie…?  Or something like that.  But when it tries to work both angles, it ends up just hurting itself overall.

It is entertaining and funny, and very lighthearted for the most part.  The fun atmosphere makes it a mildly worthwhile experience.  I mean, I don’t know, I liked it for the most part, but what was the point of it all…?  It doesn’t do anything to indicate whether or not advertising in films is a good or a bad thing.  While it’s funny to see Spurlock  insert actual commercials into the middle of his own film,  I thought one of the most riveting parts was when he interviewed film directors like Quintin Tarantino, Brett Ratner, and Peter Berg and they gave very real opinions and stories on how product placement affects their work (did you know Tarantino wanted the beginning of Reservoir Dogs to take place in a Denny’s?).  It only lasts about three minutes though, then Spurlock goes back to getting companies to sponsor his film about nothing.

I guess that’s my only real complaint, actually.  There just wasn’t really a point to it all.  Or maybe it just seemed that way because of how Spurlock attempted to pull it off.  Again; interesting concept, poor execution.  And even though I normally like crazy concept films, I felt the strongest parts of The Greatest movie Ever Sold were when it was being straightforward.  Maybe it’s an interesting enough topic by itself that it just didn’t need the extra Spurlock twist to it?

6 out of 10

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