Movie Review: Thor

Finally, a little restraint.  Oh, no, there was plenty of over-the-top action in Thor, not a whole lot of subtle nuance.  I meant restraint on my part, as I think this is one of the first times I had a chance to see a film in IMAX and 3D, and turned both options down!  Regular old 2D Thor for me!

Thor felt very different from the other comic book films we’ve had come our way.  There’s no youthful nerd turned super-strong, or multi-billionaire geniuses building superhero equipment.  From the start, you know that the space vikings of Asgard are basically awesome right away, and will stay awesome.  That’s a good thing and a bad thing.  I can’t fault Thor for being how it was.  In fact, I enjoyed the fact that it wasn’t some heavy-handed film (not that I really thought it would be).  But I also missed that sense of wonder of first gaining super powers, or learning how to use them.  As much as I hate to admit it, I dig a good origin story.  And while Thor was technically an origin story, it still just lacked the aura of discovery.

But it’s an entertaining film with good action sequences.  The first battle scene with the frost giants is particularly good.  I liked the way they handled the Thor character, everything from the casting to the costume was pretty spot on.  I’m happy they didn’t make him a weak-minded moral creature.  He was kind of an arrogant prick.  There are times when you question whether or not he’s even that  good a  person.  So in that respect, I’m happy that this movie exists, if only to set up a great character to fill some shoes in the upcoming Avengers movie.

But the Asgard story and the Earth story seemed like two completely separate entities.  It felt like two movies in one, only loosely bridged with an unnecessary narrative.  Not that I particularly disliked either story, it just may have thrown off a little of the pacing.  You get sucked into one aspect, only to have it potentially take an instant jump to a scene with no momentum in the other realm.

Casting/characters overall, very good. Could have used more Kat Dennings screen time, but less Kat Dennings dialogue…  All of the Earth people just seemed like comic relief in the funny half of the story, but I guess I was fine with that.  The first half of Thor’s visit to Earth is basically a straight up comedy film (in a good way).  The romance between Natalie Portman and Thor was a little ridiculous, though.  Seemed kind of forced and whatnot.  I don’t wanna throw the sexist card out there or anything, especially for a movie like Thor, but it seemed like she only liked him because he was basically a super-strong male model. Chicks are ALWAYS going for the God of Thunder type, I guess… Never the pasty video editor type… I don’t know, a scientist version of Natlie Portman can do better, maybe? Thor is kind of a meathead.  That and there was no real chemistry.  Why can’t there be a super hero movie without a forced romance in it?  I guess they need something for the female audience?

Well, regardless of whatever I said, Thor is a pretty good movie.  At least it’s fun.  I enjoyed myself while watching it, and was never once bored.  But I question the future replay value.  Right now I don’t really have the desire to see it again, but I’m glad I saw it this one time.  And that I didn’t pay five extra dollars for 3D.

Oh yeah, and it’s the only movie around where you can see Rene Russo swinging a sword!

7.5 out of 10

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