Artsy Fartsy

I’m not really that into art.  The art I usually like is pretty surreal though.  Actually my favorite art is usually disturbing and semi-perverted.  DON’T JUDGE ME.  Anyways here is a pretty sweet artist I found.  I really enjoy his stuff.  FIND IT HERE.  Also, click on the picture since it seems that wordpress is lame and doesn’t like to run gifs. IT MOVES


Movie Review: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2

Hogwarts Valedictorian

This is a review by someone who has never read a single word out of a Harry Potter book and has only experienced these characters through the films.  And after what I considered to the worst of all the Potter movies in Deathly Hallows Part 1, there is a good amount of redemption here in Part 2.  I wouldn’t say it’s the best Potter film of the series, as it’s a bit uneven, but it’s probably like the 3rd best.

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Warning to new college students: AVOID PRIVATE LOANS AT ALL COSTS

Back when I was 18 and times were simpler, my parents, older brother, essentially everyone that was older than me by a decade or more told me, “Keith, do whatever it takes to go to college.  Once you finish college you will be able to write your own ticket.  YOU’LL BE MAKING THE BIG BUCKS”  Foolishly I believed this.  I can’t fault them though, perhaps at one time what they were saying was true.  Unfortunately now, that isn’t the case and I highly doubt it ever will be again Continue reading

Most blogs are stupid and not journalism

I don’t really have much to say here other than basically what the title says.  I was stumbling today (my job since I am unemployed) and I came across some early Bill Watterson comics.  Sweet!, I think.  I want to see more of these!  So I look at the bottom of this blog and it says, “See the rest at such and such site”  so I click on the link which leads me to… another repost.  Alright, that was pretty shotty work by that guy but now I can get to the REAL link.  I click on the next link which leads me to… another repost.  What the hell?  Alright this one straight up says that they found these pictures on reddit so I know I am going to be lead to yet another repost.  I click on the link which takes me to reddit which then allows me to find the ORIGINAL link with all the pictures.  None of the previous links had the original material that I was looking for, yet I was told that that is where I could find it.  I have had this happen before when looking at news articles too.  People get paid to make these posts.  Half the time they don’t even add much of their own commentary.  The sad thing is, that this is what is becoming the main way that people get their news.  The news is basically just cut down to blurbs and half the time, isn’t even a primary source.  I had hread that something similar happened to TV news in its hay day.  Back in the day, when you were to watch the news, and they might talk about say, a politicians speech.  They would show a rather large clip of the speech to give the viewers an idea of the true context of what the person was talking about.  People don’t want that though, so now if you want to say anything and have it heard on the news, it has to be said in 5 to 10 second sound bytes which barely provide any real information at all.  This is essentially what blogging is.  No one wants to really know anything, they just want to feel like they do.  That’s what blogging provides.

PS here is the ORIGINAL post of the early Bill Watterson comics.  Sure it is old and crummy looking, but look at how much info there is about the comics.  The other reposts barely had any information other than the pictures

Movie Review: Midnight in Paris

I thought the trailer for this was pretty mediocre.  Had no intention of seeing it.  The reviews started pouring in and they were all pretty spectacular (92% on RT).  Had no intention of seeing it.  A few of my friends saw it and gave me good word of mouth about it.  Had no intention of seeing it.  I had an extended weekend, though, and I had the option at one point of taking a mid-day nap or seeing a movie…  …so I finally saw Midnight in Paris…

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