Movie Review: Horrible Bosses

Predictable and formulaic, but also really funny.

It certainly isn’t the funniest movie I’ve ever seen, of course, but it continues a trend this year of comedy being probably the strongest genre of 2011 (even with Zookeeper coming out this week as well).  Basically all the charm of Horrible Bosses comes from the gleeful chaos of the main characters.  Jason Bateman is doing is normal under-appreciated workaholic schtick (that I don’t mind), Jason Sudeikis is the lovable womanizing idiot, and Charlie Day is the lovable manic idiot.  If you watch It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, you should already know how hilarious Charlie can be.

Basically I don’t have that much to say about this film, other than I thought it was very funny.  I guess if I really had to say so, it will ultimately be a forgettable film in the long run.  But it’s definitely good for some R-rated laughs right now.  And when I compare it to the other film I saw this weekend, The Tree of Life, Horrible Bosses does what every good film should, that Tree  of Life failed to do: stay entertaining.

I would also like to say that this is the greatest thing Jennifer Aniston has ever done.  And it was also the most attractive she’s ever been as well.  I normally find her pretty boring.  I think the Jennifer Aniston career-o-meter for me goes (in terms of her roles):

1.  Horrible Bosses

2.  Office Space









3.  Whatever else she’s been in.

Colin Farrell was also pretty funny as a sleaze ball, and Kevin Spacey ample as an evil jerk.  Good casting and acting all around.  Funny script, moves at a good pace, has nice momentum built up to the end, and ends before it drags on too long.  It’s not the funniest movie of the year (Hangover 2, Bridesmaids, and Cedar Rapids are all better), but it gets the job done.

8 out of 10

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