America loves guns and it kinda weirds me out

Before I get into this I must say that I actually like guns.  I think they are fun to shoot, I like hearing hunting stories and even war stories occasionally.  I enjoy just shooting tin cans and paper targets.  I can do it for hours.  All that being said though, it still weirds me out how much people here LOVE guns

When I was younger, I enjoyed watching shows on discovery channel about guns.  I liked seeing the new tanks and the new guns that were coming out.  It wasn’t until recently though, that I realized that the sole purpose of all those weapons, is to kill people.  They aren’t meant for hunting, or feeding us.  Just to kill people.  Isn’t that weird?  To think that we glorify this kind of stuff?  There is this one show, I don’t remember what its called.  It has this bald navy seal on it.  He just goes around America showing off new guns that are being developed.  It is weird to watch these shows because people always seem to dance around the fact that they are basically showcasing things meant to kill people.  They never say kill people though.  They always euphemism, “stopping power”.  I’ll admit, even today I am still wowed and marvel at crazy weapons.  It kinda makes me feel bad though.

Another example of this that I have recently realized is a bit deranged, is how they show these night vision helicopters killing people on the news.  The thing that weirds me out is that you are actually watching a person get extinguished, but unless you really make an effort to think about it, you wouldn’t feel a thing.  It just looks like a stick figure made of light running around, then a puff of smoke, then the light stick figure is just on the ground.  There is no gore and no noise other than the helicopter.  The person is referred to as a target, probably for the soldiers benefit.  Sometimes I watch those clips and just think about the guy that just died.  I wonder if they really wanted to be in that fight at all.  Maybe they felt like they had to fight.  Maybe they were too brainwashed to think that they had a choice.  I wonder if the guy really hated us a lot.

A lot of people talk about David Simon’s The Wire.  People love that show.  But no one talks about his other miniseries Generation Kill.  It basically talks about the lives of the marines in the war in Iraq, using Simon’s realistic story telling style.  It is an interesting take on it.  It is different than any other war show or movie that I have ever seen.  For instance, without spoiling too much I can say that not one main character dies in the series.  They are constantly in danger however, and there is at least one battle where they kill waves of enemies, almost effortlessly.  When you watch the show, you get the feeling that even the soldiers feel this disconnect from the murder they are committing.  I mean, its one thing to watch a show about guns and be disconnected from their purpose, but these guys are actually using the guns and they feel the same way.  I think a lot of it is because they are usually killing people through night vision, but part of me thinks that maybe we are kind of brain washed to be able to effortlessly mow people down.   I bet its from all those microchips that the government puts in us when we get vaccines.  That or airborne nanobots.

One thought on “America loves guns and it kinda weirds me out

  1. BobChuck says:

    read patriot games, don’t watch the movie, read the book. Good section about the night vision helicopter stuff.

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