Movie Review: Captain America

I’m no expert on the subject, but I’m *fairly* confident that this movie was historically inaccurate…

I felt that the movie was lacking a little something, and I couldn’t put my finger on it.  But it was, punch for glorious punch, probably the best comic book movie of the year.  This is an origin story for haters of origin stories.  The whole story leading up to him becoming Cap is pretty darn entertaining.  They just put so much heart into the Steve Rogers character, it’s nearly impossible not to like him.  Even if you throw away all of the “America Fuck Yeah” tone it has, you root for Rogers simply because he’s the most genuine, selfless protagonist you could have possibly put on the screen.  Without getting political (don’t wanna go there), luckily the film takes place in World War II, in a time when not a single person could possibly deny that America was in it for the right reasons.  And for that, Steve Rogers’ oozing patriotism transcends redneck “these colors don’t bleed!” bumper sticker schtick, and just becomes a great hero trying to stop the evil in the world.  Simply because he KNOWS it’s the right thing to do.  He could have been Captain Canada, but if he fought with the same level of heart I still would have liked him the same.  Heart is what he’s all aboot, don’t cha know?

Chris Evans played it great.  Maybe lacking a little personality, but I think that’s how it was supposed to be.  I don’t know who Hayley Atwell is (the British woman), but she is gorgeous!  And her character was interesting enough to keep me riveted whenever she was on the screen.  Tommy Lee Jones; hilarious as Steve Rogers’ passive aggressive commander.  I don’t have any complaints with Hugo Weaving, but I suppose I do with the Red Skull character himself.  Well, first off, I thought fighting Hitler’s occult HYDRA unit was a lot cooler than if they just fought plain old Nazis.  But i don’t know, I was never intimidated by Red Skull.  He didn’t seem to have a lot of power.  He was more or less a weaker version of Steve Rogers, but with laser guns (cool tie in with Thor, btw).  He just didn’t seem as menacing as he could have been.  It might be because he was too buddy-buddy with his portly scientist friend.  I don’t know.  Could have made Red Skull crazier in my opinion.

Loved all the action in it, and it seemed to pop pretty well in 3D.  There was even a moment when he abruptly throws the shield right at the camera and it made me flinch, a rarity in most 3D movies.  I thought the whole thing moved at a really good pace, and the story was probably more interesting in the first half than it was in the second.  I felt the ending as a whole was a bit clunky (like the last 30 minutes, wrapping it up with Red Skull), yet I liked the actual ending itself.  If that makes sense.  The series of events that led to the ending may have been a bit messy, but I liked the last two scenes.  There, that sounds better.

Overall, pretty great, but not mind-blowing.  Minimal complaints.  It has great backing from a strong lead character, and he gets support from a nice round up of supporting good guys (even if the bad guys weren’t).  But yeah, I can’t help but wonder what about it made me not cross over to think it was something special?  Definitely worth watching, though.  You shouldn’t have much trouble staying entertained.

One final side note; my friend Joe informed me while we waiting for the credits to end to catch the Avengers teaser trailer, that the director of this also directed last year’s horrible Wolfman remake.  Talk about a quick turn-around in quality!

8.5 out of 10

One thought on “Movie Review: Captain America

  1. coregeek says:

    The overall design and Evans with a little Tommy Lee are what make CA work. I agree that Red Skull was pretty bland, which is kind of funny because he’s a dude with a red skull face. It’s almost like they decided that was all he needed to be intimidating.

    You mentioned Joe Johnston as directing Wolfman. I think he’s one of the most underrated big studio directors. The guy has made some seriously entertaining FX movies. Jumanji, Jurassic Park 3, The Rocketeer and the overlooked drama October Sky. Sure they’re not all high art but they all work on some level. It’s pretty well known that the studio took away Wolfman and monkeyed with it. Most attribute it’s suckiness to that fact.

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