Dinosaur Boner Supercut: When Animals Attack (in a film)

I cut together this film supercut for fun in my spare time, of one of my favorite things to watch in the whole world, animals attacking humans.  I’m not an animal rights activist or anything, I mainly just find it funny.  I’ve always had the feeling that one day humans will fuck up society to an irreversible degree, and we will all be slaves to our newly appointed animal overlords.  Or something.

Marvel less at the quality of the footage, or the incoherent editing; but mainly admire how little of a life I must have to have assembled all this.  And be happy you have a social life.

I also would like to note that I cut this together several weeks ago, with actual popular music (Eagles of Death Metal / Rolling Stones / The Kills / The Clash), but YouTube quickly said I was a copyright infringing asshole, and took the video down the very same day I put it up.  So I replaced the music with royalty free piano music, and it’s not as exciting anymore.  But it now has some dignified charm to it that it didn’t have before.  Kind of like the background video to some Border’s store live performance in hell.

Anyway, enjoy!  Film list after the jump.

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Movie Review: Super

I tried to go to a screening of The Devil’s Double, but upon arriving to the theater, I was promptly notified at the box office that the show had been cancelled…  I still don’t know why…  So, thanks Regal cinema, I love driving 25 minutes each way for no reason.  ANYWAY, I just went home instead and watched the recently released Blu-ray of Super, which never even made it to theaters around me during its theatrical run.  Which is a shame, because I thought it was awesome.

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