what the hell is spotify? (and why you probably won’t use it)


So I’m sure by now you’ve either seen ads, seen friends’ Facebook posts, seen Twitter updates, or whatever, that mention Spotify. Because someone I follow retweeted something by Demi Moore about Spotify I managed to get a free invite and check it out.

I’ll tell you now: it’s not worth the fuss. Here’s why. Continue reading

Final Fantasy 7:Needlessly Revisited and Compared

I know what you are thinking.  How many reviews of Final Fantasy 7 can there be before its too much.  Well the answer is there can’t be enough because it is one of the best games of all time.  Final Fantasy 7 was the first RPG I ever played.  True, I was late to RPGS, since I didn’t start till I was 14.  However, once I played FF7, I was hooked to the genre ( even though that asshole Matt Kolp ruined the surprise about Aeris for me).  I bought many more RPGs after that, including all the Final Fantasies, up to 12, minus 11.  I get urges every year to replay all the Playstation Final Fantasies.  They aren’t just nostalgic games.  The stories are complicated, the adventures are long.  Each time I play, I discover a small bit of the story that I didn’t understand from play-throughs prior.  Some may say that some final fantasies (particularly 7) have overly convoluted stories, and to those people I say, “Have you ever witnessed any type of story telling from Japan?  This game is a literary masterpiece by comparison.”  As I played through this game, I realized just how incredible it is and just how terrible Final Fantasy has gotten.  So join me on a journey as I go through several points that make me love ff7, while bitching and complaining about how terrible more modern Final Fantasies have become!  Continue reading