Lazy Travel Review: Savannah Georgia

What:  It’s Savannah, Georgia.  The town was founded in 1733, it’s old as fuck.  I’m 25 and male and went there.


-The beach is real close.  And it’s nice and clean.

-The BBQ is pretty good.  I think Angel’s BBQ might be famous or something.

-Leopold’s ice cream store is old as hell and tasty too.

-Parks and squares a plenty.

-Lots of little museums (Telfair museum of art is nice) and historic buildings.


-Ton of old people

-Tons of hipsters from Savannah College of Art and Design

-Paula Deen’s restaurant is kinda obnoxious.

Final Thoughts:  Savannah is pretty.  Coming from the deciduous Midwest, the warmth and foliage was refreshing.  There’s not entirely that much to see and do, but the things to see and do are interesting.  It certainly has a charming small town vibe.  If I lived there I might shoot myself.

Verdict:  It’s worth a visit if you’re in the area.

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