what the hell is spotify? (and why you probably won’t use it)


So I’m sure by now you’ve either seen ads, seen friends’ Facebook posts, seen Twitter updates, or whatever, that mention Spotify. Because someone I follow retweeted something by Demi Moore about Spotify I managed to get a free invite and check it out.

I’ll tell you now: it’s not worth the fuss. Here’s why.

1 – If you’re a living person in the 21st century you use a media player (most likely iTunes, even if you don’t have a Mac) to listen to music. Spotify tries really hard to be a media player for you, but it piggybacks on your preferred media player rather than being an independent one. The integration is awful and it ignores most of the ways iTunes lets you make playlists of your music. Annoying.

2 – If you want to listen to music that you can find on Spotify, and you don’t have a copy of that album saved locally on your computer, you have to endure horrible, irrelevant, way-too-long ads for shit you don’t care about. I keep getting one in Spanish for some new Latino album and I don’t know what the fuck they’re talking about. You’d think that if they are tracking what I listen to (which they do because they have to pay royalties to artists/record companies for each play) they could tailor the ads towards my interests.

3 – The Spotify app for iPhone is an utter crock of shit. Unless you have a paid subscription you can’t listen to ANYTHING on it. Not even files on your iPhone/iPod. What is the point?!

4 – Spotify wants you to hook up to Facebook to tell everyone what you’re listening to at all times. I don’t care what you’re listening to. I doubt people care what I’m listening to. I don’t enjoy spam on my news feed and I doubt other people feel any differently. And yet Spotify is touting this as it’s biggest feature. Tell the world what you listen to!!! Well I don’t want people to know I listened to Colin Hay’s album Going Somewhere ten times in a row yesterday. Fuck you Spotify.

5 – It’s a British-run program, and it region locks music based on release dates. So if something is released in the UK but not in the US you can’t listen to it. And if it’s out in the US but not in the UK it probably won’t be on there.

6 – Most of the music available is from the last 20 years. There is barely any classic rock on there from what I can tell. The only Beatles stuff I can find are interviews and covers. Fuck that.

Even though Pandora doesn’t let you “choose” what you can listen to, its preference system can be fine tuned over time to make a  carefully crafted station that fits your listening preferences. Spotify really doesn’t care. It’s essentially a giant bragging system, and a bragging system filled with music that no one should be proud to brag about.

So if you can’t get an invite, I wouldn’t feel disappointed. All you’re missing out on is minor irritation, and downloading a program that you don’t need and probably won’t use. Unless you’re a Facebook whore.

9 thoughts on “what the hell is spotify? (and why you probably won’t use it)

  1. scottodactyl says:

    The only possible advantage to this: I think if I got constant updates from someone on Facebook telling me they were listening to Creed everyday, it would give me good reason to defriend them.

  2. arick says:

    Glad to come together and share the hate. Grooveshark is what Spotify tries and fails to be, and with a shameful amount of advertising. Thus bringing me to the reason I’m ranting today — I’ve never used Spotify once, but I’m sick of hearing their shitty ads between music on my roomie’s computer so I had to sound off. Long live Grooveshark.

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