My totally sane, acceptable, and rational hatred for Michele Norris


So, last year, out of curiosity (and desperation) I decided to become a taxi driver. Taxi driving is a particularly boring endeavor. Lots of waiting in parking lots. You can only listen to music for so long on the radio before it just becomes annoying. I turned to NPR to keep my brain from sedation. It was here where I encountered the annoying, spitty voice of Michele Norris

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Movie Review: The Rum Diary

Saw The Rum Diary over the weekend; the Hunter S. Thompson novel that was delayed in publishing for much of his life, and then made into a film that got delayed over a year after it was shot as well. I was pretty impressed with it, but not in the areas I thought it would. In a way, it’s not quite a successful film. But if you want it to be, it can be a powerful statement filled with intriguing dialogue and engaging “fuck the world” themes. I think its reception can be taken in drastically different ways from person to person (obvious sentence alert!).

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