Why does this make me so furious?

The Phantom Travesty

I think we can all agree that George Lucas is an evil man that has no regard for his fans whatsoever.  His fan base is like a mountain range that he rapes and pillages resources from regularly.  His fans are like Native Americans and he is the dirty cowboys giving us pox ladened blankets.  He will never stop milking Star Wars and there will always be retards that go crawling back to the theaters even though they know that the movies will be horrible.   Their spirits are broken and they don’t know any better.  The best thing anyone can do is avoid this re-release of a terrible movie.  Show George Lucas that enough is enough and we are sick of him.  Buuutttt, as we all know that is never going to happen.  This movie will gross enough to be profitable and George Lucas will go to bed sleeping on an even bigger pile of money.  If you guys really like Star Wars, don’t go see these movies, and do yourselves a favor and watch these reviews of Episodes I,II, and III.  This guy has devoted way more time to express how sucky these movies are than any other normal person ever would.  The best part is that he actually seems to know what he is talking about.