My Most Played Video Games

With the impending start of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive beta, I started to get a bit nostalgic about the games on which I have spent literally thousands of hours playing.

There are no single player games in my list, for me these games don’t have the replay value of a multi-player game.  Some might say, “Oh I spent 80 hours on FF7.”   Then I quietly think in shame, “Yeah, I spent over a month on World of Warcraft…”  My list has little order, not really based on when I started playing them, how long I played them, or how much I enjoyed them.

Some may be grossly popular, others you may have never heard of, but I’ve spent a mind boggling amount of time on all of them.

So without further ado.

My Most Played Video Games:

Starcraft: BroodWar

I started playing Starcraft at some point in middle school.  All my my nerdy friends and I would get together on dial-up, fire up some huge 8 man money map and play 15 minute no rush, building huge armies and fighting with them.  We were all terrible at the game, but we played so much that I think it triggered my parents to get a second phone line.  While I may have not spent as much time playing SC:BW compared to most modern games, it certainly established my love for online gaming.

Team Fortress Classic (Half-Life mod)

Team Fortress Classic was probably my first true addiction.  The game captivated me in every way – movement, teamwork, speed, technique – it all came together here.


The hugely popular game focused around a struggle between counter-terrorists and terrorists.  If you’re unfamiliar with this game you’re likely either born after 1995, or completely oblivious to multiplayer computer gaming. I played CS for a huge period of time, probably 8 years on and off.  CS was my first experience in true competitive gaming, joining leagues and teams, and playing organized games for prestige.  I met friends through the game, and had incredible experiences lan-ing all night.  Nothing will ever match the experience I had with this game, which is probably why I’m so hyped for this CS Global Offensive.

Diablo II

This was the first online RPG I ever got a hold of, it certainly got a hold of me.  I had long been a fan of console RPGs, but Diablo was my first adventure into an action RPG.  Compounding this with the online loot gaining aspect and I had quite the addiction.  I bonded with some of my closest friends through the game.

Just thinking of all the builds for characters, the map hacking, the botting, it was a real learning experience.  In fact, I’d go so far as to say that Diablo II taught me how to optimize processes, and how to maximize the utility of an existing framework.  Yeah, I’m crazy.

Warcraft III

Anyone notice the huge number of Blizzard games I’ve played yet?  Similar to Starcraft, I spent a lot of time playing this game.  Except I was actually old enough to understand what I was doing and get good at it.  There’s not much to say about this game, an RTS with hero centric game play, it had an incredibly unique style compared to other RTS.

Defense of the Ancients (Warcraft 3 Mod)

My friends and I got really into DOTA.  We started a team called Yeah OOOKAY!!!.  We were bad, but we won our division in the inaugural season of CAL-Dota.  I’ll just leave this here…


This is just a modern version of that cannon game where you shoot at each other with varying wind amounts.  I can’t believe I played this game so much.  Seriously all you used were arrow keys and the space bar.  You could buy clothes for your in game avatar…  I think that was it.  Had a ton of fun lanning this game strangely enough.  Also HUBJUB HUBJUB.

Natural Selection (Half-Life mod)

Extremely innovative for its time, the game melded the FPS and RTS genre into one all encompassing game.  So ambitious, with many influences from Starcraft, the game was ahead of its time.  Seriously under rated.

Guild Wars

I spent every day one summer playing this game.  Fun builds, fun game.  Kinda like if Magic: The Gathering and Diablo had a baby.

World in Conflict

Insanely good game.  Sad that it never gained much popularity.  It was a unique take on somewhat DOTA style game play.  One of my favorite all time games.  When the game came out I was exploiting a game mechanic till I hit the top of the ladder and I may have inspired some patch changes.  There were numerous forum posts calling for my banning.  Hah!  Suckers.

Super Smash Brothers: Melee

In college we had a separate television devoted to playing things game.  As an apartment I believe we logged over 1500 hours into that game.  In my eyes it will always be the greatest fighting game of all time.


A timeless game, with a new multiplayer twist.  I’ve played a lot of Tetris in my life.  If you’d like to try out some multiplayer Tetris is a great place to start.

Modern Era:

So these games are all relatively new, or still very big.  I still play some, and they need little introduction.

League of Legends

DOTA style game.  Huge player base.

World of Warcraft

MMORPG crack.

Team Fortress 2

What started as a game about shooting, killing, and team work, has become a game about unlocks and hats?  Well at least now it’s free…

Starcraft 2


Final Thoughts:

Modern games are really casual.  Did anyone else notice that?  I mean a game about collecting hats/costumes?  C’mon.  Oh well, with the release schedule of CS:GO, DOTA2, Diablo3, SWTOR, and Guild Wars 2 for the coming year, I think I’ll have plenty of games to get addicted to.

Too bad there’s no innovative original IP anymore.  Know of something good and original?  Let me know.

6 thoughts on “My Most Played Video Games

  1. BobChuck says:

    1. It would have been less humiliating if you put the posts where they said “no idea who this team is” then we won palyoff matches in the first season.


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