Movie Review: The Muppets

I think it’s official: if you aren’t at least slightly charmed by the new Muppet movie, you are completely devoid of a soul.

That’s not to say everyone should/will love The Muppets; though even there, I struggle to think of how or why someone would be so dead inside as to not enjoy this film. It is the perfect example of a franchise “reboot” that not only works in almost every way, but it’s also one that people actually want.

It’s almost hard for me to talk about The Muppets with people who haven’t seen it yet, because every little joke in the film, every cameo, every music number just seems like a spoiler to me. I will say that the film’s humor, much like the previous movies and TV series, is not just for kids. We saw it around 2 pm, and we were the only 20-year-olds in the theater surrounded by families. And we definitely laughed (and laughed harder) at more of the jokes than basically any kid in there. Does that make me the target demographic? I’m not entirely sure. Maybe I just have a good capacity to laugh at something as maniacally fun as The Muppets. Maybe the rest of the kids in the theater were *too* young…? The little girl sitting next to me (who was small enough to need assistance getting into her theater seat) midway through the movie asked her mom, “what is a Muppet?”. Haha, maybe she’s a little too young for this, but even amidst the sea of gleeful Muppet humor in the room, I couldn’t help but chuckle at the little girl’s question as if it was part of the movie.

This was definitely a Muppet film made with love and respect for the characters. The Muppet spirit was in full force and never felt cheapened. Even with some hilariously dark/mature side stories for the likes of Fozzie and Animal, they still seemed perfectly in tune with the attitude of the film.

Everyone involved in making The Muppets did their job as good as they could, and it’s a near perfect success. The acting was great from Jason Segel, Amy Adams and especially Chris Cooper as the hilarious villain Tex Richman (maniacal laugh. maniacal laugh.). The human characters were necessary, but managed to stay out of the way for the most part, giving the Muppets the spotlight, which is how it needed to be. The music numbers were great, minus the Amy Adams number “Me Party”, which just didn’t do it for me. But Richman’s rap song was gut-bustingly funny. Brett McKenzie (of Flight of the Conchords) definitely did an amazing job writing some very memorable songs. Typing this right now reminds me to download the soundtrack when I get a chance.

Normally I’m not sure if a movie like this is just amazing to me because I’m nostalgic to it and love the Muppets; but I have to think in this case, this is just a purely likable movie. I laughed more than most (if not all) other comedies I’ve seen in theaters in a long time. I even got slightly choked up in one of two parts (OK, that’s probably the nostalgia kicking in), but overall, I was completely charmed by this movie. It has the perfect level of insane Muppet humor and wacky antics, in addition to a fair amount of subtle layered jokes and background humor. Definitely looking forward to seeing this again to pick up on anything I may have missed in the first screening.

I would recommend it to anybody and everybody. You can be 7, 27, 57, or 97… I think this movie will win you over. It just has that kind of spirit. It’s about as fun as movies get.

Wocka Wocka.

9 out of 10

5 thoughts on “Movie Review: The Muppets

  1. dinosaurboner says:


    Also when that girl asked what a muppet was, you missed the perfect opportunity to say,” Well, its not quite a mop, and its not quite a puppet, but maaannn”

  2. phanto says:

    Agreed 100%. Saw this with a bunch of people our age late on Thanksgiving and everyone was cracking up the whole time. It’s impossible to not like this movie, unless you’re Statler & Waldorf.

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