Perfect Albums

Ah the perfect album. One of those albums where you know every lyric, you love every song, and after you hear one song from it you have to listen to the rest. They are rare, but when you find one, your life just seems just a little less crappy. You get a little bounce in your step when you listen to it. They can conjure up vivid memories when you listen to them. I haven’t found many, but here is a list of my perfect albums. They range from embarrassing to legendary. I’ll start with an embarrassing one.


Tell All Your Friends by Taking Back Sunday

Ok, I know they are lame SO KEEP YOUR CRITICISMS TO YOURSELF. I don’t know what it is about this album but it was so damn catchy. I guess it helps that I have a great memory associated with it. I listened to this album the summer I started my short lived, first relationship which led to my much longer, and chaotic second relationship. I was working at the Wheaton Park District and I was still driving my 1984 Buick Lesabre. I remember vividly waking up at 6 in the morning, and wanting to die. I would listen to this cd on my way to and from work. I had actually bought this cd much before starting the job at the park district, but for some reason I only remember really listening to it during this time. To this day, I can sing all the songs in order from start to finish. It was so short, so I’d get to listen to it 1.5 times every day. A year or two ago, I listened to the album again, laughed in shame at the lyrics, and proceeded to dance alone in my room to the entire thing


Dark Side of The Moon by Pink Floyd

Dark Side of The Moon is one of the most well known “listen all the way through” albums out there. I always get pissed when they play a track off it on the radio because it feels so wrong just to listen to one song. They slip together so seamlessly, it just seems like a crime to only play part of it. My dad told me a story about back in the day, he had this girlfriend that had quadraphonic sound (whatever that is) in her bedroom. He would sit in her bed and just listen to Pink Floyd bouncing around the room. I assume he was stoned at the time, but he never told me that part. I really used to like riding the trains in Tokyo and listening to the whole album.


Wish You Were Here by Pink Floyd

Alright, one more Pink Floyd album. I love this album for all the same reasons as I do Dark Side of The Moon. All the songs on this album feed off each other. Even the album cover entices you to listen all the way through.


Very Proud of Ya by AFI

Before AFI got super goth, before they started targeting retarded confused little girls, they were a garage punk band. Very Proud of Ya is the epitome of punk. One of their songs is about wanting to get a mohawk but their mom won’t let them. It is dirty, and its fast, JUST THE WAY I LIKE IT. Seriously though, they don’t mess around on this album. I only saw AFI live once, and although they put on a good show, they really lost a lot of their punk intensity. It was replaced with a different intensity mind you, but I kinda missed the intensity of this album.


I Get Wet by Andrew W.K.

Oh man, this is the king of pump up albums. I love every song on this album. When I am in a really really good mood, I have to listen to A DUB KAY. The only dancing that can be done while listening to this involves lots of air punching. Best memory of this album: Listening to Ready To Die on a continuous loop on a trip back from Michigan with my friends.


Strange Days by The Doors

I love The Doors. I don’t care that Jim Morrison was a dick. The Doors have a unique sound that is easily identified. They are known for their hits, but man they have some great stuff that just never gets played on the radio. Their music is great for playing in the background of any occasion, be it party or sexy time.


Morrison Hotel by The Doors

I guess I should just start grouping these together if the bands get it right more than once…


Night Ripper by Girl Talk

Oh man, this album got me hooked on mashup artists something awful. I listened to this album on a continuous loop for days and days. I think this album particularly reminds me of when I was sharing a house in Japan. We had these “huge” parties and annoyed the hell out of all our Japanese neighbors because of our paper thin, uninsulated walls. Even though I do actually think this album is perfect, it is in a cool off period for me because of over-listening


Goldfinger by Goldfinger

Goldfinger is mostly known for Superman on the Tony Hawk games. The album that song is on sucks though and I never liked it. Their first album on the other hand is glorious shitty pop ska punk. My favorite song on there has to be Mable. ITS SO CATCHY. My best memory of this album though, is the album art. Notice the space chick with the huge cans. I had a shirt with that on it, and I wore it to my grandma’s house. She told me how much she liked it. I still get a kick out of that. MISS YOU GRANDMA


Nimrod by Green Day

Before Green Day thought their shit didn’t stink, they actually made some pretty catchy music. I had the Australian version of Nimrod (it was orange instead of yellow) that I bought at Best Buy of all places. It had extra songs on it and I still liked the whole album. This album taught me the word twat, which is a word everyone should use regularly. DICKHEAD, FUCK FACE, COCKSMOKIN, MOTHERFUCKIN, ASSHOLE, DIRTY TWAT, WASTE OF SEMEN I HOPE YOU DIE HEY!


Slowly Going The Way of The Buffalo by MXPX

I haven’t actually listened to this album in its entirety since high school, but now I think I will. I used to LOVE this album. This was as good as “Christian Rock” ever got for me. I saw them in concert like three times. I always got a kick out of how they’d do little prayers in between songs. I bet they banged so many chicks.


Live in a Dive by No Use For a Name

I went through a punk phase ok? Don’t look at me! This live album was actually really well made. It sounded better than any live punk show I ever heard. I thought the live songs these guys made were way better than their studio ones were.


Hissing Fauna, Are You The Destroyer? By Of Montreal

I hate this band. I hate the names of their songs, I hate the names of their albums, I hate their stupid stage clothes…. but this album is flawlessly catchy and fun to listen to. Best memory: Listening to The Past is A Grotesque Animal on repeat in Rob’s car while going to work my short stint at Follet. YOU GOT ME HOOKED FUCKER. Thank goodness their other albums suck hard cocks


LP4 by Ratatat

This album makes it to the list because all the songs sound exactly the same but they are all still good. They are my new ambient music for studying.


Stop Making Sense by Talking Heads

This album is the reason why I am up at 3:30 writing this post. I just recently started delving into the Talking Heads after listening to four of their songs for years and years. I wish I had started listening to them sooner. This live album/ documentary is freaking awesome. I defy you to listen to this album without feeling the need to dance. YOU CAN’T DO IT! Maybe it’s because this album is the freshest addition to my list, but if you guys select any one album off of this list to try out, try this one. I was super impressed with how great it is. It has such a great sound. It has substance. It is invigorating. LISTEN TO IT ALREADY


Tenacious D by Tenacious D

Best comedy-rock album ever? The lyrics are great, and the music is great. This is another album I used to listen to on a loop. I have two memories from this album. I’ll tell one. I was riding in a friends car to Jewel to buy Magic The Gathering booster packs, when I was first exposed to the D. The song was filthy, and one of my friends, who was slightly offended by it for some reason, made us turn it off. I am pretty sure he knows who he is. I am pretty sure he has no problem listening to this kind of stuff now. Or at least, he has significantly less problem with it. YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE


Weezer (Blue Album) by Weezer

I LIKE THE BLUE ALBUM THE BEST OK? I love every song. I bought my copy in Japan. I felt like cool shit when I did it. It came with the lyrics in Japanese and English. I always liked how Japanese albums come with lyrics. It’s guranteed. I wish America did that. Well it doesn’t matter anymore since, A: No one buys cds anymore and B: You can find lyrics online super easy.


Half Hour of Power by Sum 41

I remember seeing these guys in concert when this album came out.  It was the only songs they had so they basically just played the whole album.  The album is called Half Hour of Power because it’s a half hour long.  EXCEPT, its a punk album so writing that much music for one album is hard.  There is only about 20 minutes of music on this album and then ten minutes of silence.  ANYWAYS, the crazy thing about these guys was when I went to see them there was almost no one there.  I could touch the stage and walk to the back of the venue (Metro) without running into anyone.  Then, about 6 months later they were on Saturday Night Live.  That blew me away.


Runner Up


Demon Days by Gorillaz

I am sure that I will take flack for this, but I can’t add this album to the list. I really really wanted to. I listened to it so much. This album came out the year I first started painting houses. I remember vividly driving to Medinah to paint this one family’s house. I remember speeding down this backstreet every day to go to this specific house. I bet I can still find my way there to this day, 6 years later. The reason it doesn’t make the list is because I hate the song “November Has Come”. I skipped it every single time it came up. I always thought it totally broke the flow of the album. If only it wasn’t included. It is truly the stain on the cashmere sweater, that is this album.


Bad Hair Day by Weird Al

Ok, this album almost makes it because I don’t like all the songs anymore, but I did. Oh man did I. I still sing these songs to myself in public from time to time. I must look like a huge asshole. My friend Milleville takes the cake with his tardish rendition of Amish Paradise.



Anyways that’s my list. It’s almost 4 in the morning (posting it later) and I have to wake up in 4 hours. I think it was worth it though…

11 thoughts on “Perfect Albums

  1. scottodactyl says:

    My dad was in one of those CD clubs back when I was in high school, and a few spaces left over one month or week or something, and he said I could get something for free if I wanted. Without even really knowing what it was I picked the Tenacious D album. I didn’t even know Jack Black was half of the band, and he wasn’t even really all that famous when it first came out. When I got the CD, I was laughing hysterically the first play through, and listened to it like 3 times the first night. Over the next several years I probably listened to it from start to finish over 100 times. I haven;t listened to it in a while, maybe because I burned it out big time, or because it’s more representative of my really immature late teens-early 20s, I don;t know. But in terms of listening to a single album from the first track to the last, that first Tenacious D album might be #1 in that regard.

    I Get Wet and Demon Days are also two albums where I like 100% of the songs. Those P-Floyd albums are great but each have some dragging points in the middle. Morrison Hotel fackin rules. GONNA DOWNLOAD THAT TALKING HEADS ALBUM.

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