Album Review: The Black Keys – El Camino

I don’t really review albums very often, and I kinda wanna play some Zelda right now, so I’ll keep this pretty short.  The new Black Keys album is pretty fucking great.

It’s definitely more in line with last year’s Brothers than it is their earlier work.  In a way that’s sad because I love the old, unproduced sound of earlier Keys albums, but it’s not as if I hate at all what’s going on here.  A lot of the songs are more rock than blues, and feature catchy choruses and a more upbeat sound.  I’m a bigger fan of sloppier rock, especially from The Black Keys.  That’s not to say they are a fully mainstream rock sound, they still sound like The Black Keys.  I would rather literally eat a plate of Dan Auerbach’s shit than listen to a full Nickelback album.

Several songs stand out, but I absolutely loved “Little Black Submarines”.  It had both a quiet , reflective first half, and then a super messy and awesome and loud second half.  Other songs I really liked:  “Gold on the Ceiling”, “Hell of a Season”, “Lonely Boy”, and “Mind Eraser”.  But all in all on the first listen-through, I liked every single song on this album.  I only imagine I will like the whole thing even more as I listen to it on repeat this week.  At the very least it will ensure that future Black Keys mix CDs I make for my car will have a nice dose of fun stuff in the mix as well.

8.5 out of 10

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