I bought the new Louis C.K. stand up album, and I’d do it again.

Yes, I actually paid for media on the internet. Of course I am talking about the new Louis C.K. stand up show. It was definitely worth the 5 bucks. Maybe not my favorite of his stand up routines, but it definitely had me laughing alone at 4 in the morning. Almost to tears at a couple jokes. THAT’S A WINNER.  It was funny just to look at him since he is visibly more fat, and sweat profusely.  By the end of the show, his shirt was totally sweat-soaked.

This is exactly how media needs to be sold. He doesn’t try and milk the consumer for all their worth. Sure, he could have sold this show as a 20 dollar dvd but why bother? If you actually care about your fans and want them to see your stuff, why milk them for every dollar their worth? This is how I feel about most music sold online. Sure, there are some random people out there that give away their music for free, or allow you to pay what you feel, but for most music, you are made to go on itunes and pay what you would have paid for a cd. That is outrageous. It’s really no wonder why people download music. Everyone knows that it costs next to nothing (compared to the past) to produce studio quality music. If you have a sound room and a good mic, you can produce studio quality music with a fucking macbook. What cost tens of thousands of dollars in the past, can now be done for significantly less. There is nearly no overhead to making songs anymore. None of these big name bands want to admit that though. They don’t want to get with the times.

Listen, I love Howard Stern. I think he is hilarious. But when he rants about how people downloading music ruins the music industry, I want to jump through my headphones and slap him. He talks about how its too bad that bands now have to tour all the time to get by. Oh boo fucking hoo, they are still making millions. That’s how bands always made their millions because half of them didn’t own the rights to their music in the first place. This is why downloading is good. It is taking the music out of the hands of these heartless music companies and putting it back into the artists hands. The artists just have to be smart about it. They have to charge something that will make the people want to pay. No one wants to pay 11 to 18 dollars for an album anymore because they know its a ripoff, no matter how good it is. Furthermore, unless you are putting in cool album art, or songbook, no one is going to buy a physical cd anymore either.

I just went on itunes to check out how much the new Black Keys album costs. 11 fucking dollars. Are you kidding me? And individual songs are $1.30. That is ridiculous. I was thinking more like, 5 bucks for the album and a $.99 for each song. Come on guys.

I know music is big business. There is money to be made. But don’t tell me you love your fans when you charge something like that for a full album (probably Black Key’s label that sets the price I’m sure). If you are really doing it for the music, usually you want the largest audience possible to enjoy your stuff. So, maybe you as an artist will have to make less on your music and have to tour more. Not everyone has to be a millionaire. If you love what you do, be happy with your incredible fame, your incredibly rewarding job, and probably higher than middle class wealth and let the dream of millions slide for fuck sake. Who needs that much money anyways. Hell, if you really want money, you can make tons of it allowing commercials, TV shows, and movies to use snippets of your songs.

Lets be honest, if you make good music, you will still be remembered through time where the other 99.9% of the population will be forgotten. You will be immortalized through your music. Be happy about that you money grubbing douches. Also, go buy the new Louis C.K. stand up album

2 thoughts on “I bought the new Louis C.K. stand up album, and I’d do it again.

  1. scottodactyl says:

    I don’t mean to completely contradict anything said here, because I agree with it. But I’m too lazy to sign up for paypal, so could you just bring over the stand up special next time you come over so I can watch it? I totally WOULD pay for it, but again, laziness. I buy copious amounts of legitimate Blu-ray movies, so I’m not some complete scumbag moocher for things I like. JUST DONT HAVE PAYPAL.

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