That dude wants to know, just like all of us.

There are a lot of crazy things going on in this country right under our noses. No one knows what to think or what to say (in fact we might be told what to think AND to say after these) but we need answers. Dammit we need closure after everything that will go down. We need to know.

I mean seriously?

What the fuck is up with all of these damn ants in Scott’s Apt? We need to know, because every one has their theories (neglect, raises them to be shocked they will survive on their own, or worse) but we need to get to the bottom of this.

Now what throws people off on a subject like this is that I was there no less than 3 weeks ago, no issue with ants and no issue of any kind with any insect, but here they are. Now there are suspects and they are about as numerous as the ants themselves.

Rob- Now Rob comes alllllllll the way from NAWLINS (thats how they all say it down there, I have it on good authority.) and who knows what kind of super ant he may have had tagging along. Some kind of Joy Formidable and Denim Jean Short loving super ant.

Nate- Now Nate listens to Dubstep so honestly anythings possible, if someone is claiming they listen to a type of music that says it isn’t Techno but it is clearly Techno they CANNOT. BE. TRUSTED.

Milleville- Now he’s a prime suspect until you realize that he just would have covered the ants in chocolate and ate them. HIS STORY CHECKS OUT

The new G/F AKA Steph- This galpal seems to have stormed on the scene from the south suburbs with seemingly no origin story other than the one we know (LOVE), and I don’t wanna point fingers but there is a direct correlation between the rearing it’s head at Scott’s


Now I don’t claim to know any of the answers or even any of the questions (yes I’m half in the bag as I make this post) But these ants seem to be primed to march on to freedom, to other apartments, to other worlds. Unless we stop them. And the only way to stop them is to know what enemy may have laid this trap for us. GODSPEED SCOTT AND GOOD NIGHT SWEET PRINCE. ALSO MERRY ANTMAS TO ALL AND TO ALL I GOOD ANT. (I’m trying to appease our soon to be ant overlords THANKS)


  1. scottodactyl says:

    You’ve given me a lot to think about. Any one of you could have planted a queen ant in my walls! ANY ONE OF YOU!

    Also the tag “god japan has its own section on this site GET OFF IT KEITH” almost made me spit take my water on my computer screen, hahaha,

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