Manga Worth Reading

Do you ever get tired of reading shit like Bleach and One Piece?  Tired of reading manga that just goes on and on with no end until it gets so stale and predictable that you curse yourself every time you pick up a new volume?  Well good, you are evolving out of your retarded otaku stage and into a functioning human being with real taste.  Fact is, there is way better manga out there, and it has totally eluded you… UNTIL NOW!  That’s right, because I am here to tell you what to read. Continue reading

Movie Review: The Artist

I’ll admit I was a little nervous going into The Artist.  A 100 minute, black & white, 4×3, silent film released in 2011…?  I mean, I can toss a Buster Keaton DVD in my PS3 and be as happy as the next guy, but how audacious that someone would try and release a silent movie in modern times…!  The people who made The Artist have balls.  Big black & white balls.

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12 and 1/2 Minutes in Movie Trailer Hell


I went to see The Artist tonight (review coming later [quick take: it’s awesome]), and I don’t know the last time you went to a small budget, independent European film, but the trailers for it are all “along the same lines”.  They are catered to the audience of the movie you are seeing, it’s just like you see mostly horror trailers in front of horror movies, and action trailers in front of action movies, etc.  But the trailers in front of The Artist MADE ME WANT TO KILL MYSELF.  Longest 12 and 1/2 minutes I’ve possibly ever spent in a movie theater.  Check these out:

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