Where I go for my online edutainment

I waste many many hours on the internet.  Way too many.  I am seriously embarrassed at how long I spend on the internet.  I try to make the most of it though.  When I’m not reading hundreds of rage comics or something else just as assinine, I try and educate myself about things.  Here are a few of my favorite sitez.


Vice Magazine



I LOVE this webpage.  This web page has eaten up many hours of my life.  If you are a fan of things like Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations, then this is the web page for you.  In fact, it puts that show to shame.  It poops all over that show.  Vice Magazine’s web page doesn’t just have one show though, but many.  I’d say their crown jewel though has to be their travel series.  Vice Guide to Travel is one of the most entertaining travel shows you will ever watch.  What is great about it, is that they go to places that no TV show would ever go to.  My favorite episode of this series had to be Vice Guide to North Korea.  Now, I love watching shows about North Korea, but what makes this show extra special is they actually tour a lot of places that you wouldn’t otherwise see on other shows about North Korea.  They actually take you on the real life tour that you would go on if you went to North Korea (all North Korean trips are authorized, and organized by the North Korean government.  They are highly controlled).  You will never see stuff like this on TV.  But as I said, the Vice Guide to Travel, is just one of many series on Vice Magazine’s web site.  They are definitely all worth checking out (minus maybe the surfing and skater ones)


This American Life

This American Life is actually a show they air on NPR, but I am never in my car long enough to hear a whole episode.  Minus the times when I was driving a taxi of course.  Thankfully, all of the episodes (all 400 something of them) are online to listen to whenever you want.  They cover all sorts of topics and are incredibly interesting.  If it wasn’t for This American Life, I wouldn’t understand how we got into our current recession.  I also wouldn’t have known that Michael Ian Black used to be an alter boy (Christmas comedy episode).  There is literally over 400 hours of entertainment on this web page.  My only gripe with it is that the player for the shows gets all screwed up if I pause it too long and I have to reset it manually.  A small price to pay for great entertainment though.


Documentary Heaven

Documentary Heaven is a great web site, although it can be hit or miss since some of the links don’t always work.  They have full length, sometimes theatrically released documentaries here.  Tons of them.  I don’t have much else to say about this site.  It’s the bee’s knees.

2 thoughts on “Where I go for my online edutainment

  1. scottodactyl says:

    I only watched part of the North Korean work camps one on Vice Guide to Travel, where the two guys are on a train ride, and these drunk Russian kids are making things really uncomfortable, and they were like one bad comment away from literally beating the shit out of the hosts for no reason. It made me super uncomfortable. It was kind of awesome/

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