“Halfway Through A Crazy NBA Season” Thoughts

This came up in the search "stupid NBA photos" and since it's an election year it seemed apt.

 So we have half a season in the books of what’s been a pretty whirlwind NBA season after that whole “lockout” business. And with the 2nd half getting underway, here are some quick thoughts about all 30 teams (yes even the Bobcats)! Maybe I’ll make some predictions!! Maybe not!!! I honestly haven’t thought that far ahead for this post!!!! Continue reading

Lazy Movie Review: Wanderlust

Premise:  Paul Rudd and Jennifer Aniston are New York City folk who lose their jobs.  While traveling to Georgia to live with Rudd’s brother, they spend the night at a hippie commune (or as the hippie’s call it, an ‘intentional community’).  Turns out they like the lifestyle, and hate Rudd’s brother even more, so they move into the community.  I meant to write a full review of this with actual paragraphs but here I am again, struggling to come up with words to elaborate on a Paul Rudd comedy.  So once again I am writing another lazy, bullet pointed review.  Something about his movies make it hard for me to describe them.  Is it too easy to just say that Wanderlust was funny?  OK, fine, here’s the bullet points.

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An Ode To The Simpsons

In the year 1989, something happened that would change my life forever. No, it wasn’t the birth of my twin sisters. It was the series premier of The Simpsons. The Simpsons has shaped my humor and personality to what it is today. I remember looking forward to Sunday nights to watch The Simpsons (especially to see the Halloween episode). When the series first came out, people were outraged at how… well outrageous The Simpsons was. As you look back at The Simpsons first seasons today, you have to wonder why people thought so ill of the series. I think the worst thing to come out of Bart’s mouth was, “Eat my shorts.” That was considered bad back then? On South Park, Cartman killed a boy’s family and fed them to him and that was in an episode from like 8 years ago.  I didn’t see anyone raise an eyebrow at that.

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2012 Oscar Picks


[UPDATE]  14 out of 24.  Sounds about right.

Just to have a record of what I said somewhere, so that when I get them all correct on Sunday (haha, what a joke, doubt I’ve ever done better than 60%), here are my Oscar picks for this year. Feel free to tell us your picks, or just make a mockery of my picks (I don’t mind).
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Lazy Movie Review: Take Shelter

Premise:  Michael Shannon plays a man from Ohio who starts having nightmares about huge storms coming his way, so he gets a a little obsessive about expanding the tornado shelter in his backyard.  His wife doesn’t understand why he’s going crazy, and the whole ordeal begins to take a toll on his home life.  Is the movie just about the pains of having a mental breakdown, or is it actually about the end of the world…?  YOU DECIDE!


-The acting is perfect from the two leads.  Michael Shannon plays it pretty restrained with clenched fists for the most part, except for a scene when he violently explodes in rage (one of the best scenes in the movie).  There’s a notably dynamic range that makes his performance pretty brilliant.  Jessica Chastain is about as good as anyone can be as his worried wife.  Best redhead in Hollywood?  Maaaaaaaaaaaaybe?!

-It has a deliberately slow pace, but a fitting one.  It’s not exactly an action movie.

-The dream/hallucination/delusion sequences are cool, and not overdone.

-Plenty of natural tension.  It didn’t seem forced.  I was on the edge of my seat near the end of the movie.


-Probably could have lopped 15 minutes off it here and there.

-I’ve just sat here for 3 minutes thinking how to word this…  And I think I’ve failed.  I guess something about it just didn’t seem that spectacular about it overall.  Like it could have been a little more sensational.  Or maybe more frightening.  Or more visceral.  I don’t know.  The movie is missing one or more necessary adjectives.

Final Thoughts:  I liked the whole package of Take Shelter, but I didn’t love it.  It’s the kind of movie that I always argue there should be more of, but I feel it slightly missed the mark.  I hope you don’t take that the wrong way.  Take Shelter is a really good movie.  You should watch it.  It’s just not a *great* movie.  At least it has the kind of ambiguous ending that will get you talking afterwords.  Is it real, is it a dream?  What does one way or the other mean in terms of the rest of the movie that preceded it?  (Without spoiling it) I took it as what was happening was real, at least on my first viewing, and it slightly diminished what they tried to achieve with their mental illness angle.  Maybe that’s what I thought was slightly off…  yeah!  I need to rewatch it again sometime and see if my perception changes.  And I’d *like* to watch it again sometime, which is always the sign of a good movie.

8 out of 10

15 Terrible Movies I’m Ashamed to Admit I Always Watch When They’re on TV

I have a DVD/Blu-ray collection that has basically spiraled out of control.  It’s now at over 1300 titles.  I end up buying a lot of bad movies, a lot of which I buy before ever seeing them first.  HOWEVER, I do not own a *single* movie that appears on the following list.  Not one.  But I’ve seen all of them multiple times.  More times then I’d care to admit.  That’s because all of these movies are seemingly on television at all hours of the day (at least it feels that way).  And for some reason, whenever I’m flipping through channels and I see that one of them is on, I almost always click on them and just start watching them for no good reason.  They’re awful movies, and I realize they’re awful movies, and I’m not even watching them ironically.  I’m legitimately entertained, even though it’s probably the 5th time I’ve seen them this month.  There is something magical about these films.  They have some unknown power that draws me in every time they are on TV…
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A List (sort of) of My Favorite Terms That Led People To This Site = THE LAZIEST POST EVER

Hey everybody! This here site has been running for almost a year now, with Scott basically doing everything (and Keith peppered in for good measure). But during that time people have found their way to this site in numerous ways. And the lovely people at WordPress (/is handed a bag of money) allow us to track how people got here. Now with all the movie reviews you of course can assume that it was a lot of people looking for news on a certain film. But when you have “BONER” in your site’s name things tend to get a little weird… So in the spirit of laziness I’m listing my favorite search terms. Continue reading

Tokyo Caught On Paper

It is next to impossible to go to your local comic shop and not see at least a small shelf dedicated to manga. Perusing this area is usually an assault on the eyes. A mix of big block lettering, big haircuts, but a small selection when it comes to genre choices. That’s because most manga is geared towards young jerks, who are just interested in reading shonen manga, as opposed to something that might engage their mind (comics can do that naysayers!). Their idea of Japan, more specifically Tokyo, slowly being converted into one large stereotype. That of cosplay characters and mecha. Continue reading