I Hate Precocious, Outspoken Children

Youtube has become a place where anyone can speak their mind. It is what the internet was meant for. I have wasted hours and hours on it, perusing various videos and music. I fucking LOVE Youtube. The only downside to Youtube is it gives people like, ugh, CHILDREN an outlet for their aggravating views. Minus this kid. I take what he has to say to heart.

There are some genius children out there. Don’t get me wrong. There are children out there that are smarter, and more successful than I’ll ever be (doesn’t take much). Really, kudos to them. I actually love hearing stories about child prodigies. It gives me hope that humanity isn’t turning into an Idiocracy. Their stories are inspirational. Their opinions though, are not. I don’t know what it is, but hearing a child talk about heavy subject matter like slut shaming, is just infuriating to me. The video I speak of went semi-viral on Youtube a while ago, and I just saw it now. This girl is clearly very intelligent. She speaks with an eloquence that I struggle to produce regularly (I’m down to 3 fucks and a fart joke for every 10 sentences now!). I actually agree with everything this girl has to say. Truly I do. Hearing her say it however, makes me want to puke blood. The sarcastic tones drive me nuts. If she hadn’t prefaced the video with the warning that she actually DOESN’T know everything, I probably would have been put into a rage coma.

Obviously there are exceptions to this ignorant opinion that I have. There are children out there that have gone through a hellish lives or experiences that I am sure that I have been totally unexposed to and could never understand. Hearing their opinions on life, expose us to things we may have never considered.  I am not targeting them. No, I am strictly speaking of middle class, suburban kids who lived sheltered lives. I include my younger self in that. That is just it. When you get older, you look back on all those opinions you once had as a kid. Heck, maybe you still hold those opinions. But they were so inexperienced. Not uninformed, but inexperienced. My girlfriend would tell me that you don’t have to experience something to understand it. To her I say SHADDUP YOU PROBABLY AREN’T READING THIS ANYWAYS. Every person grows up, and when they do they look back at their younger selves and laugh at how annoying they were, or how naïve. I’m sure the genius kids do too. Then again, some people never grow out of it and just think they were always perfect.

I feel like kids like this can really do good. I’m sure people her age could stand to listen to what she has to say. Maybe even kids a bit older. Clearly, children her age experience what she speaks of. If I was her parent I’d be proud of her. However, I’m not her parent, and having to listen to her as an adult, through The Huffington Post, is just annoying. I’m not related to this kid and I have no interest in what she has to say about our social problems. I READ THE ENQUIRER TO LEARN ABOUT THAT!

One thought on “I Hate Precocious, Outspoken Children

  1. scottodactyl says:

    There were a lot of times in my youth that I look back on and I’m happy the internet wasn’t so readily available as it is now, because a simple fact check would have made me look like a complete asshole. I’d feel bad for today’s generation of kids in that regard, but then again, they are smarmier than ever.

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