Movie Review: The Lorax


Forgive my bad rhyming, keeps criticisms loose; I’m clearly not as good as the great Dr. Seuss. But for a review of The Lorax I couldn’t resist, I wanted to give my writing a Seussian twist.

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RAPED By Video Games

If you couldn’t tell from the title, we video game players, gamers if you will, are a passionate bunch. Since the stereotypical gamer ventures forth into the dating world at a crippled pace, we are forced to pour our hearts into video games. Much like romance and relationships though, video game relationships can go bad too. They can seem so great on paper with their flashy graphics or new concepts, but it is not until after you have spent your money and time that you realize that your new object of affection was nothing more than a smooth talking con-artist. You walk away scarred from the experience, slightly more wary the next time around. Hopefully you learn your lesson and don’t experience the disappointment again. Unfortunately, there are times where a game is so deceitful and evil, that it doesn’t just break your heart. It rapes you. Sometimes a game will lure you in, get you to feel comfortable and safe, only to take advantage of you. Now that I am an adult, these assaults rarely happen to me anymore. Most of my video game rapes happened to enthusiastic youth. As we all know, it’s much easier to rape a child than an adult and those dirty developers know it. I’d like to say that I am smart enough not to let this happen to me anymore but I’d like to start with a very recent video game rape that happened to me just last week.  Continue reading