Too Busy to Write!!!!!1!!!!

I know posts have been slim over here at Dinosaur Boner lately.  That’s primarily because our main contributor of content, myself, has been overflowing with work at the office.  I’ve worked many late nights to help get videos ready for an upcoming convention.  And on days when I’m not working late, I’m really tired from simply working hard.  This makes me not want to go into a writing mood when I get home from work, and mainly makes me want to just lay on the couch and play Magic the Gathering on my PS3 until I fall asleep or have to pee.  Or both.

So…  to my girlfriend, my four friends who read this blog, and our seven other readers…  I promise to start putting more (and more consistent) content up here  in the near future.  I have gleeful intent to write reviews of Men in Black III, Bernie, and the new Edward Sharpe album when I get the chance.

Thanks for making me feel slightly important enough to write this kind of message in order to not lose readers.


[frantically hits refresh on his browser waiting for page views to show up on the dashboard]