10 Television Shows That I’m Very Indifferent About

We all have those TV shows that we love to watch every week, and those TV shows that are so terrible we refuse to watch them.  But what about the middle?  I tried to think up a list of the shows that I didn’t feel great about or bad about, shows that just hover around that line.  They all offer up just enough to keep me watching, but they don’t do enough for me to consider them a favorite.  Some shows, like modern era Simpsons, would possibly fall into this category.  Except I don’t watch that anymore, so it doesn’t make the list.  The Office, a show that has gone slightly downhill with every season, I thought would make this list…  But then I thought about it more, and with Nard Dog as manager and Nellie being one of the worst characters on TV, I actually *hate* The Office now.  So it doesn’t make the list.

Actually it was kind of hard to think of the shows that just float under the radar of good or bad.  I pretty much just had to go through my DVR and look for the shows on the list that made me go “Oh yeah, I watch that, don’t I?”.

So here’s my list of the most “Eh” shows that I watch on TV (only shows currently in existence, otherwise Twin Peaks and That 70s Show would have made the list):

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