Lazy Movie Review: Magic Mike

Premise:  A smarmy pretty boy named The Kid meets a young entrepreneur named Mike.  Turns out he’s actually a magician by the name of Magic Mike and The Kid becomes his apprentice.  Pretty soon they are touring the country doing cool magic tricks like sawing each other in half and making it appear as if they are levitating.  Needless to say, a lot of kids had pretty awesome birthday parties because of those two guys.  Best family film of the year.



-Matthew McConaughey (the man whose name I *always* have to google for correct spelling) is awesome as the sleazy head warlock, and his performance seems pretty natural.  It’s almost as if he’s sleazy in real life!  One of the few movies where him being shirtless all the time actually makes sense.  He owns the magic theater where Mike perfects his skills of illusion in front of the mothers of a lot of the kids he will later entertain at children’s parties.

-One of the magicians was named Big Dick Richie!  Hey, I thought this movie was rated PG?!

-Channing Tatum is actually pretty good in this.  I kind of hated the guy before this year, but this film and 21 Jump Street made me change my opinion of him (at least a little bit).  Then again, it’s hard to hate a guy who can make cancer ridden children smile so much when he does such a spellbinding water escape trick.

-I think I just saw Olivia Munn get topless!  Or maybe it was just an illusion…

-Whoa, is that Kevin Nash?

-Whoa, is that a pot belly pig?

-Surprisingly, the magicians liked to perform their magic acts while only wearing thongs…  As a heterosexual man, you’d think it would make me more uncomfortable than it did.  But I actually found it more funny than anything, because as they did their silly magic tricks there was a lot of other stuff going on in the film to make you avoid just focusing on the thong itself.  They say the key to a good magic act is to have a good distraction next to the magic act.  I think a lot of the mothers in the magic theater crowd would agree with me, because they were giving the magicians a lot of money in advance, frantically putting cash directly into the magician’s pants pockets (often times they would miss the pockets in excitement), yelling “Do my son’s birthday party this weekend!”

-The ending was ambiguous, but in a good way.  “Always leave the audience wanting more!”  -David Copperfield



-Regardless of how funny it was, you still do have to see a bunch of magicians perform magic tricks in thongs.

-Pretty simple story, a lot of it rather cliché.  Rookie magicians always get caught up snorting fairy dust…

-Didn’t care much for the main girl interest.  Not sure what made Mike so interested in her.  Maybe just because she was capable of figuring out the secrets behind his magic tricks?

-Alex Pettyfer has a very punchable face.  Could have found a less douchey magician for the role.  I saw a kid on the sidewalk doing card tricks in Chicago a month ago who would have been perfect for the part.  And he guessed I picked the king of diamonds!  Amazing!


Final Thoughts:  In all seriousness, Magic Mike reminded me of one of my favorite movies of all time: Boogie Nights.  But it was like Boogie Nights lite.  Actually, I think it’s both a positive and a negative to Magic Mike that after I saw it I just wanted to watch Boogie Nights when I got home.  Regardless, Magic Mike is worth seeing because it’s, plain and simply, an entertaining movie about a small magic theater in Tampa, FL.  And despite the marketing for it, it’s not just a ‘ladies only’ magic show.

7.5 out of 10

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