Time to Move Past Coal, Sorry Coal Miners

I know that this is far to serious for dbone BUT I DON’T CARE. You know what grinds my gears? Lately you hear on the news about all these swing states and who the candidates have to please in them. One group that I hear about semi-regularly is coal miners. Coal miners hate Obama because he doesn’t support coal enough. They are all scared that their livelihoods are threatened by new technology that will soon make coal a thing of the past (Aside from grills. Hate propane grills. Screw you Hank Hill)

You know what I have to say to all those coal miners? GET OVER IT! I never hear a coal miner ever talk about how their jobs are actually a good thing that we shouldn’t give up. You know why? It’s because they know that their job is becoming obsolete for a reason. Coal power is not something that should be held onto. Clean coal power is a joke.  Coal power is a old technology, going the way of the dodo for good reason. There are technologies out there that are cleaner and more efficient than coal. There are power sources out there that don’t require you to destroy entire mountains and poison water supplies. The coal miners know this. So whenever you hear them complain about politicians not supporting coal, they only speak about how they are going to lose their jobs. You know, I bet street lamp lighters said the same thing when electricity made their jobs obsolete.

Look, it’s sad that these people’s jobs are becoming unnecessary. It must be tough to have to give up a career that many people prior to you in your family did. I get that side of it. However, you just have to face facts people. Your jobs are not helping the planet. Will you put your lifestyle ahead of everyone else? I am not saying that we should forget about coal miners. Coal power is not going to just up and vanish tomorrow. We could easily implement a system for these people to be retrained, and for coal towns to be restructured. People like Obama should be trying to express to these people that they won’t be forgotten as our energy grid changes. It could be a transitional process that leads to new prosperity for these people. And for those that just don’t want to change I just gotta say, tough shit. Those are the kind of people that don’t leave when told to evacuate for an oncoming hurricane.

One thought on “Time to Move Past Coal, Sorry Coal Miners

  1. Artful Dodger says:

    Here, here. Very well said. I think the same could apply for other areas of work too that simply aren’t in demand anymore. If your field of work is going away or just isn’t a need for it then it’s time to change careers instead of complaining that “someone” is trying to take your livelihoods away. Sorry to say but adapt or die.

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