Movie Review: Cloud Atlas

The first thing most people seem to say when they see the Cloud Atlas trailer is, “uhhhh…  what…?”  I was in the same boat as the large chunk of viewers who watched the trailer and couldn’t tell you remotely what it was about.  So, despite the mixed reviews and almost three-hour running time, I was still pretty intrigued to see Cloud Atlas.  Mainly just so I could attempt to understand the basic plot of what appeared to be one of the most confusing looking movies of our time.

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Movie Review: Wreck-It Ralph

I scored some free advanced tickets to Wreck-It Ralph last night.  Don’t I feel special!  It was also the first time I’ve ever been in a movie and had a trio of security guards threaten the crowd with jail time if they used their phones to capture any of the film.

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Movie Review: Paranormal Activity 4

I’ve seen all four of the Paranormal Activity movies in theaters.  I’m almost seeing these movies as some sort of sick inside joke to myself.  But nobody is laughing.  Especially not me, because none of them are that funny.  But I imagine I’ll keep this up, as a kind of demented, self-punishing tradition, because, well…  why not, I guess…?  I look forward to October 2016 when I’m inevitably watching Paranormal Activity in Space.

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I Did A Podcast And Sound Like A Gay


Hey guys, I did a podcast with my friend Matt Bauer. He does a music podcast and thought it would be a good idea to have me on (it wasn’t). This is actually Part 1 because we went a lot longer than planned, and to be honest we do a lot of talking about stuff that isn’t music. Hell even Dinosaur Boner gets a plug!

But we had a good time and check out his other episodes maybe you’ll find something you like. He says he wants to make this a thing so help him out, you guys.

Movie Review: The House I Live In

I caught this documentary a few days ago at the Gene Siskel Film Center in Chicago, a place I’d never been to before, yet it felt like I was having deja vu.  It had all the elements I remember about film school auditoriums.  Awkward film students as employees, an aura of pretentiousness at every turn, the musty old seats, the selling of “movie cappuccinos”, and the guy sitting in front of me who was writing in a composition notebook at size 4 font throughout the entire film; filling page after page with incoherent handwritten nonsense like he was the killer from Se7en.  Ahhh yes, it felt horrible to be back in that environment, yet awesome to just be a guest.  It makes me wonder how many of my Class of 2006 SIU film brethren (none of whom I’ve kept any contact with), actually went on to do something film/video related?  I went towards a specialized field in this business and got a full-time video editing gig within 6 months of graduating; but half of my class thought they were the next Sam Raimi.  I don’t know where I’m going with that, but I guess I’m saying that the film student weirdo writing really small in his notebook on Sunday will probably be an awesome paralegal assistant one day.  Anyway…  I saw a documentary!

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Movie Review: Argo

Argo is one of those movies that I would recommend to basically everybody.  It has the tension, excitement, humor, and historical fun that makes it a near universal experience.  It’s the kind of movie I can comfortably say to my family, friends, co-workers, the cashier at Staples, the guy fixing my toilet, the old guy who does exercises in my apartment hallway, and the teenager who took my order at White Castle; “go see this movie, you’ll like it”.  If theaters sold tickets to dogs, I’d even tell that golden retriever across the street to check it out.  It’s a welcome change from having to say to people “Drive is one of the best movies of the last decade, oh, but I don’t think you’ll enjoy it…”

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Lazy Movie Review: Seven Psychopaths

Premise:  From the writer/director of In Bruges (IMPORTANT TO NOTE), a struggling screenwriter (Colin Farrell) is working on a screenplay for a film that he only has the title for, called “Seven Psychopaths.”  He may or may not be writing about his reality, as he sort of intertwines himself into a dog kidnapping scheme with his crazy buddy (Sam Rockwell), and encounters several real life psychopaths along the way.

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White Knuckle Cinema: 25 of the Most Tense Scenes in Film

I love a good, uncomfortable scene.  When all your muscles clench up and you just kind of want it to be over, because it’s so excruciating.  But that discomfort in the heart of the audience is the true power of cinema.  It makes us feel something, good or bad.

I’m not really going for action movie INTENSE, but more steady flowing dramatic tension.  Though, there can be some grey areas between the two.

I’m aware that it’s not every tense scene, and you can point out some glaringly obvious scenes I’m missing; so do so in the comments.  But not all of us have seen that obscure Japanese horror movie that you claim has the most tense scene ever filmed.  So share it, buddy!

Also, it’s safe to say, that this is a very spoilery list for the movies involved.

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