Lazy Movie Review: Seven Psychopaths

Premise:  From the writer/director of In Bruges (IMPORTANT TO NOTE), a struggling screenwriter (Colin Farrell) is working on a screenplay for a film that he only has the title for, called “Seven Psychopaths.”  He may or may not be writing about his reality, as he sort of intertwines himself into a dog kidnapping scheme with his crazy buddy (Sam Rockwell), and encounters several real life psychopaths along the way.


-The cast wasn’t just spectacularly assembled for this film, they did a great job acting in it as well.  Most notable was Sam Rockwell, who appeared to be having an extremely fun time being in this movie.  Christopher Walken did a nice job being Christopher Walken.  In recent years, he’s become something of a parody of himself, but in this film he basically transcends that and becomes a near mythical figure through his character.  Like he’s a folk hero or something.  Yeah, I’m going to go ahead and think of Christopher Walken as a folk hero from now on.  On a side note: I think I’m one of the few people on Earth who has never attempted to perfect a Walken impression.  I tried it once, sucked at it, and stopped right there.  I’ll stick to my above-average Forrest Gump impression, thank you very much.

-It’s a cleverly written story; going in and out of literally visualizing the screenplay.  Structurally, it’s pretty interesting.  Or at least, it’s not standard.

-The dialogue is very fun, it’s probably a more comical movie than In Bruges (but not better than overall).  It does a decent job of staying consistently funny, whether that’s through physical, witty, or dark comedy.  All three of which it uses.  DURR, IT FUNNY.

-The face Colin Farrell makes :49 seconds into the trailer.

-The entire conflict of the film is centered around a dopey looking Shih-Tzu.  I approve of violent movies being centered around stupid looking dogs.

-Neat soundtrack.  Not what I was expecting for this type of film.  Very old sounding.  Much better than Smashmouth.

-The film starts off with a great scene (Boardwalk Empire represent!), and ends with an even better one.



-Slows down in the middle.

-It reminded me of like a Snatch or Smokin’ Aces type film, where there are a whole bunch of small, super colorful characters all trying to get to the same point (The wacky gangster!  The stoic gangster!  The angry gangster who loves his shih-tzu!  The one with the bunny rabbit!  The drunk guy caught in the middle!  Uh-oh!).  The thing is, I don’t think it was trying to be that kind of movie.  Does this poster not scream generic, wacky, crime caper film to you?

If I knew nothing about this movie, and you showed me that poster and asked me who directed this film; I would immediately say it’s a lost Guy Ritchie film from 2003.  …unless…  is Seven Psychopaths supposed to be a satire of those kind of movies?  Then maybe it was actually brilliant?!  YOU TELL ME.

-Didn’t Adaptation do this concept better?  I don’t know if I was digging the struggling screenwriter angle.  It feels like it was done before.  And Seven Psychopaths didn’t exactly reinvent the wheel here.

-Wasn’t there a shitty episode of Entourage that took place entirely at the Joshua Tree?  Sorry, but Entourage ruined that location for everybody else.

-Colin Farrell was good in In Bruges, but I didn’t care for him much in this movie.  Not that he did a bad job, but he didn’t do anything to make the character his own.  Anyone could have played that role.  And the entire movie I wanted to tear off his stupid only-spiked-in-the-front haircut.  And not to make everything about looks, but it’s a bit of stretch to think of someone who looks like Colin Farrell to be some clever screenwriter.  Much like I wouldn’t expect Jonah Hill to be up for Farrell’s role in Alexander.


Final Thoughts:  I liked it, and would recommend it to people for casual watching.  But it’s nothing all that special.  I hope it doesn’t stray into cult classic territory, because I don’t necessarily think it deserves that distinction.  In Bruges, on the other hand, *does* deserve that distinction.

7 out of 10


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