I Did A Podcast And Sound Like A Gay: THE DRAMATIC CONCLUSION!!



Yep that right there is another plug, the other part of my podcast is up. If you want to hear me talk about a band I used to be in (spoiler alert: we sucked) and me take jabs at people (which include former American Idol Chris Medina’s former band). I leave no stone unturned. And if you wait till the end the host left a special easter egg in there that I really wish wasn’t recorded… So yea if you also like me getting taken down a peg come on and listen.

And thanks for being a loyal D-Bonez (that’s how we say it in the biz) customer. And I’ll be doing more of these, so if you hated them… I’m sorry.

Music Spotlight: Face to Face


Hey everybody! Its that time of month where I get stir crazy enough to actually do something on this site! Yes I know I posted something a couple weeks ago. But that was just me plugging stuff, that takes little to no effort (which I guess is the problem?).

But I wanted to try something here and through a combination of finally being motivated, and the urging of someone who will remain nameless, I’m going to give it a go. I spend a lot of my time listening to music (in fact more time than I spend working) and though what I mainly listen to isn’t for everyone, it is for some people.

So I thought I would spotlight some of the bands I listen to and give you guys a primer so its not as daunting to get into something new. Depending on how this all shapes up I’d like to do more, and I invite the other people who post on here to do some as well since it’s always neat to find something new.

And to make this first go around easy enough for myself (I’m motivated but not THAT motivated) I wanted to give myself a bit of a softball for my first “Spotlight.” So without further ado I give to you one of my favorite bands of all time: Face to Face.

Now I’m sure a couple friends of mine just groaned but that’s because I’ve talked about this band in length FOR YEARS. And that’s why I picked them, its something I can’t exactly screw up. As a disclaimer I’m going to keep these spotlights pretty basic, because I’ll probably ramble anyway, and give you guys a couple tracks and let you make up your mind. Because after all, I’m not the police of you.

But yea, the real reason you’re still reading (or closed the page), Face to Face…

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