I Hate That I’m Making a Political Post, But Here We Are.


I totally got this from socialistworker.org CRAZY LEFT WINGED HATE SPEECH

So.. there’s this election thing happening tomorrow (or I guess today since it’s past midnight) and I’m going to be so damn happy when we can return to our regular bitching and moaning.

And this isn’t going to be a post backing any guy, that’s not what I want to talk about.

This is about what people deem to be “Issues” in this country. I’ll just try and make this brief.

Gay Marriage- How is this a damn issue? It’s 2012 you mouthbreathers. It’s incredible that people are pissed that two people want to love each other. And before you mention churches and religion that’s a damn cop out. Because if I ever find a women who is stupid enough to marry me its not going to be in a church. But my marriage is going to be just as valid as the people who decided they would have their’s in a church. And that’s because I’m marrying a women. Which is just not right.

I mean let Gay people have all the damn fun we are already entitled to. They want to join the fun of losing half their shit when it doesn’t work out? Go nuts. Over 50 percent divorce rate? Fuck, I’m not sure heterosexual people should be allowed to get married at this point.

Abortion- This is another dumb topic that gets brought up all the time. This is the definition of non-issue. Do you honestly think anyone WANTS to get an abortion? No one is like “Oh nice! I’m pregnant!  I’m gonna fucking CRUSH this abortion!!  The choice is a little bit harder to make than where to get take out from. And you live with it for the rest of your life.

Climate Change- This one is interesting because it has people who otherwise appear to be smart just looking at facts and going “FALSE.” This shouldn’t be an issue though because I don’t know if you noticed but New York and other states just got their asses handled to them by a freak storm made possible by climate change. Storms are getting stronger and stronger and these people are like “PROVE IT” Ummm how about the fucking tornadoes that obliterated Alabama this year you ass?

Those are just some of the “Issues” that have no business being issues. And you know there’s really only one issue that matters right now. And that’s “How are you going to fix this shit we’re in?”

And as much as I’ve leaned to the left on this post I really think its probably closer to somewhere in the middle. At a time like this I think a giant issue is that no matter who gets elected later today they are only going to get roadblocks put up by these asses who don’t agree with them based on if they are “Red or Blue.”

And that’s really what’s wrong to me, at a time when we should be working together we’re just dividing ourselves further. It should never be a question of “left or right” it should just simply be a question of “right and wrong.”

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