I Went To See The Joy Formidable Do A JBTV Taping.

Last night I was lucky enough to see The Joy Formidable do a live TV taping for local music show JBTV. It was pretty fantastic and the first time I had been able to catch them live. Here’s a blow by blow account because I was actually sober for this concert!

So.. I guess I should be honest I hadn’t planned on doing this post until about… oh… now? So there aren’t as many pictures as I’d like there to be.. But that’s why I’m here people to put that image in your mind, for you to experience what I experienced, in other words I’m sorry.

I guess.. I could just find stock photos and we can build a story around that? We’re cool with me faking most of this visually? Show of hands? Ok great!

So I’m just going to skip over the part where me and Steve Chap pick up “The Nameless One” to the soundtrack of Mariah Carey (which I guess telling you means we didn’t skip it..) But our story begins at the Midway Orange Line stop.


From here we boarded the train and made our way downtown. Like most trips (and blog posts) I’m in charge of it was poorly planned.. I MEAN expertly planned to every detail… we didn’t have to look up train directions while on the train.. NOPE.

I had decreed that we would take the Orange Line to the Red Line and from there we would walk the rest of the way. So we got to the Red Line to take us the rest of the way.


The Red Line was crowded per usual, but it was fine. We met a charming homeless person who yelled at us that he had a paralyzed leg but was using both to walk pretty well (albeit with a crutch). But other than that a pretty boring train ride. It would seem I had planned this so well that all the suspense was gone. After the train we were home free! We were Downtown!


This would be our most grueling stretch, we had to walk like four blocks. There was no other way alas. We certainly didn’t see, and later take, a much closer train on the way back. My directions were FLAWLESS.

After the trek we ended up at the Mac Mall where we either signed for them to put us on TV or they now own our first borns (jokes on them, I don’t even get laid.. er.. uh.. I mean I constantly get laid.. [I hope they bought it..]). But then they handed us our VIP passes for the show.


Now I had planned this trip so well we may have been a little bit early. It was such an efficient plan that we were now stuck waiting for our cue to come to the studios. We weren’t sure what to do but there was a lot of crap to play with so we just kinda killed some time.


Finally we got the call to come to the studios. It was a pretty exciting moment. We were herded into a stairwell where we had to wait some more. But with the
promise of free Vitamin Water and Pop Chips (and their cute label) it was fine. We reached the top of the staircase and was met with the actual office of JBTV.


So after opting for a smart water. We went into the actual performance area or as Lauren From Q87.7 (I’m not sure that’s her whole name but that’s how she introduced herself.) said, as introducing the band, The Q87.7 Underground Lounge.


The place was pretty packed by the time we got there. But we found a spot in the very back by the radio people (and a pool table?). But once The Joy Formidable came out it didn’t really matter because they were awesome. They started their set with the last track from The Big Noise, “The Greatest Light Is The Greatest Shade.”


After that they played a new song. I think it was called “This Ladder Is Ours,” maybe? It was actually pretty good, totally held up with their earlier stuff. Then they played “Cradle” which as expected ruled.


They played “The Everchanging Spectrum Of A Lie” after that and I proceeded to get some chills. They were unbelievably good. I want to take moment here to throw some props to the sound crew and everyone else behind the scenes. Because with the size of the room and the big sound The Joy Formidable have it could have overpowered the place. But the acoustics were perfect, honestly some of the best I’ve heard.

Another thing I loved was how for a 3 piece band The Joy Formidable sound like so much more. There’s just so much meat to their music its great. And their extending of certain songs by just rocking out, but they were always on time. Like a controlled chaos of sorts.


Ok, so back to the show. From there they played a couple new songs. One was actually an acoustic number called “Silent Treatment.” I really should have snapped a picture of but I suck at this stuff. It was a beautiful song, that Ritzy Bryan sure has some pipes on her.

They finished up their set with “Whirring,” of course, which was epic. A pretty great set from a great band. From top to bottom it was great. I look forward to their new CD after hearing a couple tracks from it. I also plan on seeing The Joy Formidable next time they come to town.

And it was all for free. So I guess I want to say thanks to JBTV and The Joy Formidable for the show and Smart Water. And thanks to all the people who’s photos I used in combination to mine (if a band was playing or someone was being insulted it was my picture.)

If you ever get the chance, go check them out as well. I leave you with a little sample.

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