I fucking love Gorburger.  Well, the newest one was kinda weak, BUT I LOVE ALL THE OTHER ONES

The Gorburger Show is an internet short made by T.J. Miller (some dude I had never heard of but apparently seen in some movies) about a monster named Gorburger that busts his way onto a 90’s Japanese morning show, murders the guests and some of the hosts, and makes it his own.  The whole show is just Gorburger interviewing a bunch of indie bands that you may or may not have heard of.  I use the word “interview” lightly since they don’t really say anything of substance.  Mostly, it is just 7 minutes of Gorburger either making fun of or eating them.  His reactions are what crack me up though.  That and his quick paced insults.  The show is all around entertaining too.  I find myself rewatching episodes just because they put me in a good mood.  I don’t really even laugh watching them anymore.  They just entertain me.  You also genuinely end up NOT liking some of the bands he interviews.  They have to go on thinking that the show will be fun and get them more fans, but try and watch the episode where Gorburger interviews Health and tell me you would actually want to listen to any of their crappy music.   Gorburger usually tells it like it is and that is probably why I watched all the episodes like five times.  I wonder how much prep they do with the bands before they go on the show.  I’m sure it isn’t a cold interview but I kinda hope it is.  You’ll either love or hate Gorburger.  If you hate him well, you have terrible taste and I feel sorry for you really.  So if you don’t have a piss poor sense of humor, and want to watch something that is a bit different, check out The Gorburger Show.  I mean, come on.  What do you have to lose?  You were just going to waste those seven minutes anyways.  I bet you were gonna do something stupid like stare at reddit  Slowly realizing your life is a total waste.  Wondering if you shouldn’t just end it all.  It would be so easy to just run your car with the garage door down.  People would be sad at first, but they’d move on.  You know they would.  Then they’d put you in the ground and let you rot there rather than in front of your sad computer.  At least now you’ll be contributing to compost rather than just using up precious resources.


Woah, that took a dark turn.  Perhaps just watch Gorburger huh?  Keep the demons out…..


  1. scottodactyl says:

    It’s pretty hit or miss. The jokes need to be sifted out like a 19th century prospector hunted for gold in a river (YUKON TRAIL REFERENCE). But the several jokes that are funny are pretty hilarious. “Get that out of my fucking mouth! GET IT OUT!”

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