The 81 Films I Saw From 2012


I want to say that 2012 was a much better year for film than 2011.  When I look at my fancy statistics I notice that 2011 had 3 films I gave an “A” rating to (Drive, The Muppets, and 50/50), and this year I gave 6 films an “A”.  2011 also had 21 “B” grade films while 2012 had 24 “B” grades.  So on that front, yeah, 2012 was a little better.  At the same time, 2011 had only 26 “D” or “F” grade films, and 2012 had 34.  So maybe I’d rather weigh the best statistics against the best, over the worst against the worst.  I don’t know.  Numbers make my head hurt.

Anyway here are the 81 films from 2012 that I viewed (5 more than 2011).  If any of the grades don’t match the score of the original review, it’s probably because I’ve rewatched it and changed my view on it.  Or because shut the hell up.  How about that?  Happy new year!

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Movie Review: Les Miserables


As a preface to this review, I’d just like to note that I’m not the biggest fan of (non-comedy) musicals.  Not even this specific musical, but just in general.  However, there are a few real musicals, like West Side Story, that I genuinely enjoy.  Because they sort of follow the film musical formula that works.  Whether or not Les Miserables follows that formula I’ll get to in a minute, but regardless, it’s a pretty entertaining film at its core.

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Game Review: The Walking Dead


This review is Spoiler Free.

I first started playing The Walking Dead this past September after hearing critics and fans praise the game’s story driven qualities.   I was definitely interested, but at the same time, buying into an episodic title still felt a little off to me.  For some reason, I felt that it was something like a cash grab and that I’d be hit with a middling quality, all because each episode was $4.99.  Do yourself a favor and get over any qualms you have. Continue reading

Movie Review: Django Unchained


There was a moment in Django Unchained when a mysterious figure emerges from the darkness of a cold, empty forest; and as it gets closer we begin to see a smiling Christoph Waltz riding a stagecoach with a giant spring coiled tooth bouncing on the top of it.  This moment I realized that I was probably in store for the best movie of the year.  This was also the first scene of the film.

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An Early Dinosaur Boner Christmas: 13 Mini Movie Reviews


The last couple of months have been very strange/busy/sad/crazy.  I haven’t had all the time in the world to full write movie reviews for everything new I’ve seen, hence all the Lazy Movie Reviews lately.  Well, it’s about to get even lazier!  I’ve seen a bunch of random movies released this year, and if I don’t just poop them all out in one big post I’ll probably never get around to reviewing them.  So here they are:

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