Alaska: The Last Frontier, aka My New Favorite Show


Alaska: The Last Frontier is not exactly new as it started last year, however it is probably my favorite true reality show on TV right now. It follows the Kilcher family as they live a simple life in very rural Alaska. They don’t have running water in some of their houses, and have to hunt and grow their own food. Oh yea, I forgot to mention that this is JEWEL’S FAMILY. I LOOOOOVE this show (gurgle gurgle)

What makes the show so great is that these people actually seem like they are acting like themselves. You don’t watch this show to hate them, you watch it to love them. These people seem genuinely nice. Unlike the cast of Honey Booboo, you wouldn’t want to spit on these people if you saw them walking down the street.

There are several generations of the family living on several hundred acres of land and they are each unique in their own way. You got Atz and Otto who were the sons of the first Kilcher settlers, Yule and Ruth (they were from Switzerland and they came to America to avoid Nazis). These guys are middle aged and wise. They seriously know everything about the land, and basically know how to do anything and everything.  One day they might have to fix the transmission on a tractor, the next, they might be blowing up a stubborn tree stump. They are actually RESPECTABLE people (unlike Honey Booboo) who you ADMIRE (unlike Honey Booboo). You learn things by watching these guys.


Atz, probably killing a giant bear or something to feed his whole family for the winter.

Otto is especially charismatic. He always says insightful and sometimes funny things. He really isn’t what you would expect a guy living in the middle of no where would be like. That’s another reason why I like this show. It doesn’t pander to shitty bad stereotypes (like Honey Booboo)that many people have. You watch this show and learn to respect a different lifestyle rather than hate it.

Then you got Atz’s sons Atz Lee, and Otto’s son Elvin. Atz is pegged as the “black sheep” but I don’t know how fair that is. When he was in his late teens, he rejected the Kilcher lifestyle and traveled the world. He came to his senses though and eventually came back home. That makes him more of a greenhorn than the other son. He has lived most of his life on the frontier but he is still learning a lot of the ropes so he adds a sense of drama to the show. Elvin is kind of like a younger Otto. He is a frontier prodigy. Just as everyone else, his perspectives are unique and are interesting to hear.

The show’s women also bring a lot to the show. Atz’s wife lived an upper middle-class lifestyle and chose to marry Atz and move to the frontier. So she probably has the biggest transition of all. It is cool just because she is so into it but also misses some of the creature comforts of her old life. You watch this show and really feel like all the relationships are actually strong. The people don’t just bicker and fight the whole time for no reason, making you lose faith in humanity (like Honey Booboo).

This show is really what reality TV should be. Sure there are some mildly staged story lines in this show like most reality TV, but everything seems believable. Like I am sure anything that is staged on this show probably happens regularly but might not happen at a convenient time to record for the show. Compare this to an episode of Honey Booboo. If they weren’t such a freak show, no one would care about them since they don’t do anything. Most of the terrible people on reality TV live totally mundane lives that need to be jazzed up with totally fake drama. You know half of the crap on Honey Booboo is just staged for an audience to mock. Even people that live glamorous lives like the Kardashians, have to stage their lives for the show because they are such incredibly vapid people. They legitimately have nothing to offer anyone. This is where Alaska: The Last Frontier, deviates from the putrefied route that reality TV is taking. Watch this show and see some genuinely decent people, live a genuinely interesting lifestyle and learn something.

It's like watching everything everyone in the world hates about America all on one show!

It’s like watching everything everyone in the world hates about America all on one show!

2 thoughts on “Alaska: The Last Frontier, aka My New Favorite Show

  1. Dave says:

    Yeah sure, I need to survive the winter so I go fishing on a charter boat. I need firewood to survive the winter so I fish a rotten old log out of the scrub with a backhoe that’s obviously been modified for logging contracting. More fake reality

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