Flash In The Pan: Takeover


Takeover by Iriysoft

I figure I’ll start review flash games now since I have no life.  Also I liked my review title idea DUUURRRRRPPPP

Genre: RTS

Played On: Newgrounds

It is rare to find a flash game that can keep my attention for more than a few minutes. Iriysoft, has managed to do this twice. The first time being with a little game called Cursed Treasure, which has probably eaten up more of my time than any other flash game out there.

Like Cursed Treasure, Takeover is a RTS, tower defense-esque game. You pick one of three campaigns to start. Each campaign represents a different clan, and each clan has its own perks. For instance, the blue clan (name’s are forgettable. Who cares it’s a flash game) has a lot of freeze abilities, and can lower the casting cost for their resource buildings. These mechanics are kind of cool, but there wasn’t really much difference from clan to clan. Each clan has five upgradeable units, and each unit does different types of damage (piercing, siege, magic, etc).  Each unit takes a resource point (there are three resources: gold, food and mana), which you get more of by making farms or taking over enemy bases.   Basically anyone who has played any game like Warcraft, will understand how this game is played.  Get resources, build units, attack other bases.

The game is easy to learn. You’ll have it mastered by maybe the second or third mission on the first campaign. This is probably the game’s strength and weakness. Takeover is probably going to be too easy for some. Personally, I find this game to have the perfect difficulty. I don’t want to play a flash game that requires a lot of effort. They are supposed to be just engaging enough to make me forget that I have to go to work tomorrow. Takeover does just that. The campaigns are decently long, but each mission is only about 5 to 7 minutes so you can bust a few out when you have spare time to waste. If you beat a mission in under five minutes and thirty seconds, you get a higher mission rating (Perfect, Great or Good), which allows you to unlock achievement points. The achievement points are useless, so only completionists will get anything out of them. Finishing a mission also gives you experience which earns you edicts. Edicts allow you to unlock new powers, units, and perks.  This is the main reason why I replayed missions.

Another thing to mention is the sound. I usually mute all the sound on flash games. I ended up muting the music on this game, but I still played with the sound effects. I don’t know what it is about those Iriysoft sound effects but they are fun to listen to. That is rare in a flash game.

The game has a few minor faults. For one, there are no hotkeys for your spells. This only got in the way for me once, but it was enough to piss me off anyways. I also wish that the game had different difficulty settings and achievements. The AI seemed overall pretty stupid. The computer seems to make units on a timer so if you replay a mission, you know exactly when and where troops will be sent, making getting a perfect rating too easy.

Overall, Takeover is great. It might be a bit too easy, but it still entertains.


  • Easy to learn
  • Amusing sound effects
  • Quick missions, long campaign
  • Decent replay


  • May be too easy
  • Not enough variety from clan to clan
  • Stupid AI

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