Flash In The Pan: Luftrauser


Luftrauser is the epitome of a flash game.  This is the perfect game to play when you only have five minutes to kill and you don’t want to use that time on something silly like thinking.

Genre: Action

Played at: Free Web Arcade

Luftrauser is a simple game.  It only uses the X and arrow buttons.  It’s one of those simple to play, hard to master type of games.  You play as a pilot with some sort of super jet plane that can heal itself.  The objective of the game is to kill everything you see.  You get more points of the bigger stuff that you manage to destroy.  It starts off simple but quickly becomes difficult.

What makes this game so fun is just how well the plane handles.  I have never played a game where I felt such control from using just the arrow keys.  Pressing the up arrow is what propels your plane.  Left and right allow you to turn.  What is great though, is when you let go of the up arrow, you can still turn your plane and then press up again and thrust in a different direction very quickly.  I don’t know what it is but this mechanic is extremely satisfying.  I also like the wush sound the thruster makes as it reengages.  I find myself sometimes yelling,”AHHHH AHHH”, as I redirect my plane and let loose hellfire on all the planes that were flying behind me.

Your plane shoots a barrage of bullets, and there isn’t any of this overheating gun crap.  Just hold down and let the lead fly.  When you sustain damage, you can release the fire button and your ship will slowly heal.  You will need this healing ability too because of how quickly the game becomes next to impossible.  I really do suck at this game.  My best score is 2400 points.  I am sure some asshole(s) (unnamed) will play this game and beat my score quickly then rub it in my face.

So if you have some time to kill, and you want a play something quick, try Luftrauser.  It is one of the most satisfying and simple games around.


  • Quick to play, easy to learn
  • Cool retro style
  • simple controls, great handling


  • If you are looking for a game to take up hours of your time, this isn’t it
  • It gets really hard really fast (that’s what she said)

New High Score:high score

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