2013 Dino Bone Oscar Picks


Well, we are two days away from hearing Seth MacFarlane sing a bunch of comedy songs on a stage, and I thought I’d put down my Oscar picks on our lovely site so that I have proof when I’m inevitably wrong.  Last year I went 14 out of 24.  I think I’m gonna do better this year.  Unless Lincoln fucks me over.


Best Picture:  Argo

Seems like this is the way that it’s playing out.  Which I don’t mind at all, since Django never had a chance, realistically.


Best Director:  Steven Spielberg (Lincoln)

I don’t want this to happen, but I think it will.  Not that I hate the guy at all, but I just didn’t dig Lincoln.


Best Original Screenplay:  Django Unchained

Which will be my favorite win of the night.


Best Adapted Screenplay:  Argo

I don’t think they want to give it Best Picture without giving it some other recognition too, since they chose not to be able to give Affleck anything for directing.


Best Actor:  Daniel Day Lewis (Lincoln)

There are WAY more interesting choices available, but it will go to D-Day for best impersonation of a historical figure of the year (must give at least one historical performance an award per year).  Joaquin deserves it, though.


Best Actress:  Jennifer Lawrence (Silver Linings Playbook)

I’m super happy the awards buzz seems to be swinging her way lately.  Chastain’s performance was slightly too subtle for me to want her to win.


Best Supporting Actor:  Christoph Waltz (Django Unchained)

I really hope it doesn’t go to Tommy lee Jones, simply because, again, I didn’t care for Lincoln.  But I’m guessing I’ll lose on the first award of the night.  Damn you, Tommy Lee Jones (in advance)!


Best Supporting Actress:  Anne Hathaway (Les Miserables)

The five minute performance of the year!


Best Editing:  Argo

I thought it had the best pacing of the year.


Best Cinematography:  Life of Pi



Best Production Design:  Anna Karenina

I said in my review that Anna Karenina was made simply to win the Production Design and Costume Academy Awards, and I’ll stand by it!


Best Costume Design:  Anna Karenina

Look above.


Best Makeup:  The Hobbit

Les Miserables?  Hitchcock?  That’s the competition?  What a weak year for make up.


Best Foreign Film:  Amour

I mean, it is nominated for Best Picture, isn’t it?


Best Documentary:  Searching for Sugar Man

It’s winning ALL the awards.  I just watched it this week, and it totally deserves to win, it’s awesome.


Best Animated Feature:  Wreck It Ralph

Brave has strong potential to win (even though I didn’t care for it much), but hopefully they pick the better choice.  Wreck it Ralph won the Annie Ward, doesn’t that mean something?


Best Visual Effects:  Life of Pi

I’m just going to go with it being the purdiest movie again.


Best Sound Editing:  Zero Dark Thirty

Give it some award, plus the sound editing during the raid scene was awesome.


Best Sound Mixing:  Les Miserables

I do believe all the singing was recorded on the set without track vocals…  seems like the obvious choice.


Best Original Score:  Life of Pi

I actually remember the Life of Pi score, something I can’t say for any of the four other nominees.


Best Original Song:  Skyfall/Adele

Seems like the popular choice, even if it was only an alright song.


Best Animated Short:  Paperman

A slightly weak year for animated shorts, but Paperman stood out as near perfect.


Best Live Action Short:  Curfew

Seems like the best one.  Or, at least the one I’d like to watch the most.


Best Documentary Short:  Open Heart

I just watched all the trailers, and this one seems like the most emotionally rewarding.



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